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scared to death! - January 29

hi im 19 years old and i am 28 weeks pregnant....i am SOOOOO scared to go into labor....i know it may sound a bit childish but im afraid i might not be able to handle it and taht i might die....i am very often short of breath and my heart races at the smallest things i scared that this might be too much for me to handle...also i had a friend who went into cardiac arrest during labor and she almost didnt make it....what can i do to try and calm myself...i want this baby more than anything


cheryl - January 29

Hi. I had my first daughter when I was17 and I felt the same way at first. I was so scared and didn't think that I could handle it. Something that worked for me was watching a baby story on tv cuz I got to see how it really was for so many women. I also thought of what I would be doing, creating life and brining it into this world. A gift that no man can ever understand the way we do and a gift that even many women can't do because of various reasons. It kept me focused and when the time came it was not as bad as I had imagened, there are lots of different drugs that you can have that help you calm down, lots of support from the nursing staff, most are women who have been through labour. I also had an epidural which took 90% of the pain away, of course you can't have one at the beginning of your labour but when I did get one I was able to bring the baby into the world and remember it cuz I wasn't so focused on pain. Having a heart attack during labour is so rare and thinking about things like that is only putting fear in your head that doesn't need to be there. And too much unneeded stress on you can make you go into labour early. I get panic attacks from time to time and I just breath deep, go for a walk with my dog or phone a friend to talk about anything other than what is making me panic. Now I am 2 weeks away from having my 3rd child and I have never been so excited. Just remember that you are stronger than you think. And women have been doing this forever. Good luck I hope I helped.


scared to death - January 30

Cheryl thanks for the advice.... im def gonna try to not worry :)


sally - January 30

hi, i am 35 weeks with my third child, it is very normal for you to be having these feelings, but i was given some advice with my first baby and that was that no matter how scared you are, that baby is going to come out, listen to what the midwife tells you and try to push only when she says, keep calm and try to enjoy what you are about to go through and you will be just fine. oh and tell them how you are feeling cos they deal with this every day and they always know how to make us feel better. good luck and keep calm you and your baby will be just fine and once it is all over you wont remember a thing.


Desiree - June 15

Hi i a 12 and I am 28 weeks pregnant too i am sooooooooooo scared too.My mom doesn't know I don't know how to tell her.So don't feel alone.


support4you - June 16

scared to death!! i would diffently recomend a doula!! they are great!! Here is a website for free doulas: please get one!!


Lisa - June 16

I am pregnant with my 3rd child and due in a couple of weeks. It doesn't matter how many children you have you will always be nervous. What helped me the first time was to take each contraction one at a time. Be open to pain medicine. I would not recommend narcotics such as demerol. It made me sick and I did not enjoy the birth as much. I think the epidural is best. On my 2nd child I had no medication and It was really a good experience. The jaccuzi tub at the hospital helped alot. I know alot about what you are feeling I was on Prozac my entire second pregnancy. My worries were totally unfounded. Just try to think of the pay off you will receive when all your work is done. It is the best thing you will ever experience in your entire life, when you hold your new baby.


Amanda - July 6

Im 23 years old and 30 weeks pregnant with my first. I feel exactly the way you do. I am terrified!!! I panic over the littlest things and i dont handle pain well at all. Im scared i wont be able to cope. Everyone tells me, I'll be fine but i still feel extremely scared.


Crystal - July 27

Hi! I am also 19 and i had similiar fears when i was 28 weeks pregnant. I am now almost 38 weeks and i have talked to alot of people who have had babies and the best thing for you to do is just calm down. Try not to think about the negative things that could happen to you because you will miss out on the one good thing,bringing that little miracle into the world. The percent of woman who have difficult deliveries that do not make it through is very low so my advice would be to relax and try to think about your baby in your arms everytime you get scared! Hope I helped!!!



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