Screaming During Labor

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Fatima - January 25

Ok, this is my first pregnancy and I dont recall ever seeing a woman in real life going into labor. Is it really like in the movies that during labor you are screaming of pain? I mean, I wonder if unconsciously I would start screaming and everyone would look at me like I was crazy or something? How many of you during labor screamed of pain;or of pushing just like in the movies?


Jess - January 25

some people scream, some people dont. i didnt as it doesnt do much, its wasting your breath and you will need all your strength for pushing! but some people find it helps them by screaming!


jg - January 25

LOL When I went in, there were these ANIMAL screams coming from one of the labour wards. I was petrified!! This woman was screaming the place down - I cannot even begin to describe the noise - it was awful. It was very traumatising actually - she was making these looooong loud screams that you could hear throughout the whole ward. HOWEVER........I didn't make a sound - not a single sound. So there you go - each to their own.


Rosey - January 25

Same thing happened with me as jg. I heard this lady screaming, but didn't make any noise. But hearing her made me decide to get the epidural towards the end. But I've also heard from the doctors and nurses that screaming can take a lot of your energy that needs to be put into the breathing and pushing.


Jess - January 25

when i was 34 weeks preg, my midwife took me to the hospital to check out the birthing suite and stuff, i was already freaking out. and in the door is some lady in labour hey babys head was out! i walk through the corridor, i heard someone screaming there lungs out. and as im leaving there is 3 labouring woman with bright red faces all in heaps of pain trying to sign in! not a good thing to do if your already freaking out!


MichelleB - January 25

I did not scream until I was pushing, and it was more the release from pushing than in pain. Actually I wouldnt really call it a scream...more a load moan! Good luck! Screaming during contractions I dont think would help. Better to place your energy towards breathing, but each person is different. I am sure noone will judge you if you do scream!


S - January 25

I couldn't even talk, let alone scream!


mama3 - January 25

screaming isnt worth doing. The dr will tell you screaming takes away from giving good pushes. I've had 2 working on 3 and went natural. an never screamed. I guess it all really does depend on the person. I too heard a woman screaming bloody murder down the hall, of course she quit after getting drugs, but who wouldn't doing that.


Jen A - January 25

I was pretty vocol, to say the least


TH - January 25

LMAO jg & rosey - sounds like u were in the same l&d suite as me and I was the one screaming!! It helped me work through the pain alot & didnt make me tired, by the time I was pushing my scream had turned into a moan (grunt) haha


C - January 26

Not me, I tend to hold my breath or, when I can force myself, breath deep durning contractions. I can't talk, let alone scream.


KrisD - January 26

I was a screamer - but I had contractions for 2 whole weeks! By the time I finally went into the hospital I was at my wits end! I'm super loud by nature though! So everyone's different. The screams during labor were more for strength, though! But, I managed to keep it together till I was up in a hospital room and with my husband!


Lillie E - January 26

i screamed... it was almost easier to scream then to just trying and hold my breathe. i hated it because everytime i started screaming my mom would start crying... i think thats what made it hard for wasn't like non human or anything and it wasn't the whole time, but hey i made me feel better.


Fatima - January 26

Its good to know that some people do scream just in case I happen to do it LOL. But I doubt I will since Im usually a quiet person. Dont make a peep when I get my legs and bikini area waxed. But I guess you cant compare and Ill have to see til that day if Im a screamer or not. =p


Shell - January 27

I am a very quiet person, I didn't even think I could scream (never had to yell, never screamed on a rollercoaster etc). Well I think I was the woman that jg and Rosey heard.. I screamed like I was being axe-murdered the whole time. I had no control over it, it wasn't something I chose to do, they just came bursting out of me. Then I would apologise profusely in an embarra__sed whisper and scream again when the next contraction hit. I did have trouble pushing and I actually fought against my labour and I am sure it all made it worse so I would like not to be like that again. But the midwives have heard it all and whatever gets you through it! I never swore and I have heard that some women swear like troopers, cursing their husband and midwives etc.. Its funny in hindsight!


krc - January 27

Everytime I've watched a baby story on TLC they always seem quiet. I imagine I wont make a peep when I give birth. Im a quiet person.


falafal0 - January 30

Yeah, I remember having an outer body experience, kind of woozy, and hearing this woman scream and in my mind thinking, geez, she sounds like she's in pain, what's going on...and only seconds later realising it was me. It was really weird - but usually just the grunts and groans, not real screaming. I think I try to hold it in. I know I cursed my DH and even bit him on the hand. Yes, I bit him. I still don't believe was the closest thing!



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