Second Baby

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CSGW - January 17

My first baby was one week early, and I assumed (and so did my dr.) that this one would be at least that early. Well, I'm 39 weeks plus 1 day and only where I was at my 38 week check up for baby #1 (3 cm dil., 50% effaced)! Anyone have a story about a subsequent baby being later than the first?


kaybee123 - January 19

My first came at 36 weeks. My second came at 35 weeks. And I am now 38 weeks. On the 5th, 7th, and 11th I was 2 cm dilated. They also said 25% effaced. I have had two appointments since then and I haven't been checked so I'm wondering if there is any change. My contractions sometimes come pretty strong but there is no consistency. I hope I'm not having back labor and not realizing that I'm in labor. I haven't had any bloody show yet. But after all that I have tried, I guess I'll just "patiently" wait it out. If nothing happens by next Friday, my doctor said I would be induced that following Monday or Tuesday. I was so sure that this baby would be born in less than 35 weeks this time, at least that's what they said was likely. Here I am at 38 weeks and I feel SO overdue.


bennysmom - January 20

I am 41 weeks along with my 2nd child, my first one came at 38 weeks and for some reason this one doesn't wanna come out....I have been dilated to 3 since I was 35 weeks along but I have to be induced this week....I have learned the hard way that they 2nd child doesn't come "fast" much to everyone telling me that this one will be a breeze...Hang in there


falafal0 - January 22

Well, I've had four babies, first being three days over due, second being 2 days over due and the others exactly on their due date. But I've heard many women's experiences with their subsequent babies being either much later or earlier - there are so many contributing factors, no one will ever be able to be precise. Luck of the draw sometimes! Best wishes with this baby...


CSGW - January 25

Thanks, ladies! I'm now 40 wks plus 2 days, and my dr. is going to induce when I turn 41 weeks on Monday. A little nervous, because I want to do it naturally, but this baby just wants to hang in there. I go through ups and downs - feeling super depressed and then ok with it all. Hormones, I guess.



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