Second Labor Compared To First

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mickey87 - May 12

what are the chances of going in labor earlier with second baby? went on my due date with my first was wondering if theres a higher chance id go early for my second?? also in your own expreince was second labor easier then first??


E586467 - May 14

Hi each pregnancy & labour is different for every woman, & just because you had an easy or hard preg/labour the first time won't mean it will be like that the second time. I am preg with #3 & hope everything goes as smoothly as it did with #2. 1st time around I was in labour 12.5hrs, had a few minor complications & dd came exactly 1wk late. 2nd time around I was in labour 8hrs & had a completely natural water birth & ds came 5days late. I must say that it was MUCH easier 2nd time around but not all women find this the case. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will be even easier this time. I hope you have an easier birth 2nd time around & as for the WHEN, only bubs knows when he/she wants to be born.


lisa mc - May 14

i had my second daughter 7 weeks ago. my first was 2 days late and my new baby was 1 day late. the labour was 100 times easier i only had gas and air for the last 15 minutes and delivered a 10lb 12 baby after only about 5 pushes in total! i totally dreaded peeing afterwards because with my first this is what i seem to remember as being total agony!! but i was fine a slight grazing at one side but if i leaned the other way to pee it was fine!! good luck.


jazminesmom - May 14

well with my first i was 2 weeks early and with my son who is 2 month old today, was 3 weeks early. my first labor with my daughter was 20 hrs start to when i had her, i pushed for 2 1/2 hours and her head had to be vacuamed. with my son labor was 20hours too from start to finish, but i got stuck at 6 and had to have a c-seation. both my labors started arounf the same time at night, my daughters started at 9pm and i had her at 5:03pm, my son i started labor at 8;30 pm and had him at 4:26 pm. so my labors were compareable


ErinP - May 14

With my first I was in labour for 46 hrs and pushed for only about 20 mins but then he was vacuumed. i had my 2nd about four weeks ago and was in labour for 12 hrs and only about 3 pushes with no tearing! (although he was only 5 lbs. 10 oz.)


mama4andmore - May 15

All labors are different as mentioned above. For me the second was easier and shorter. Since your body has already done it be4 it will know how to do it better and maybe a little quicker the 2nd time around. However, the contractions get a little more intense with the more children you have because the uterus has become stretchier like and it takes more effort for it to contract. Kind of like a balloon. If the first time you b__w in it its really hard to b__w up, but if you accidently drop it the air comes out really quick and flies all around the room, and the when you go to reb__w it up its easier, but if you drop again the air doesn't come out as fast becaus it isn;t firm. Make sense? However with all of this said I havee given all natural birth to 4 healthy children all natural and would do it oveer again and not change a thing.


mama4andmore - May 15

All of my labors were really odd. I never realized I was in labor until I was about 4-6 cm dialated. My water wouldn't break and usually as soon as I would get to the hospital my doc broke my water and I would dialate, push, and deliver no longer than 3 hours.


ashlee84 - May 23

my first son was born on his due date it took 30 hours from start to finish.. my 2nd son was 3 1/2 weeks early and my whole labor was only 3 hours and 20mins


alirenee86 - May 31

Love your question. I'm in the exact same boat with the exact same question! lisa mc- I remember with my first the horrible, horrible burning when having to pee. Dreading it the same as you. I haven't heard a lot of people say they even had that. That was worse than anything to me. Thank god for witch hazel! Oh, and Mama4andmore...great motivation!! I hope to go natural again with my 2nd! The first was 4 hours total labor and 1 push. Not sure it could even get easier then that. I found it interesting about the balloon comparison. Makes sense. Your labors sound like my first was. Almost exact. My contractions came out of nowhere, started about 5 minutes and furious.



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