Second Labor Quicker And Easier Than The First

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alirenee86 - March 17

Hi Ladies, for those of you who have had 2 or more kids, was the second labor quicker and easier than the first? I know they say typically it is. I want to see what your experiences have been. I'm trying to stomach not getting an epi for my second. I didn't with my first and that was a very quick easy labor. Hurt like h__l, but as quick and easy of a labor as you can get. If the second is quicker, I can handle it... ...Thanks for sharing!


cors1wfe - March 18

You know I would have to say that it was not true in my case - I ended up needing pitocin with my second after my epidural my labor slowed way down - my second later was only shorter by an hour but not by much


justinsbaby - March 18

I had to get pitocin too. But mine was because I went 1 week past due date and my legs were swollen pretty bad. I got the epidural cause I have to tolerance for pain. I never felt a thing. Contractions started and 30 minutes later me and the baby were napping together. My first took 1 hour, and a little pain. So I think the second labor was much easier.


J.J. - March 18

i just posted w/your other question, so you know i went the epi route, and that my second was way faster than the first. That said, I have no epidural regrets. Instead of quick and easy and hurt like hell, it was quick and easy AND pleasant. So i'm not sure i'd let speed be the deciding factor.


iemc19 - March 18

My 2nd was half the time of my first - and my first was only 3 hours from first contraction ...My 3rd was longer and my 4th...we just made it to the hospital in time!!


cher_don - March 19

with my 1st i had to be induced as she was very stubborn and the hospital mixed my dates up which made me 4 weeks over (this was 19 years ago mind) my labour was 12 hours from start to end and i had an epi. my 2nd (14 years ago) was 2 weeks overdue but i went into labour the day before induction, total labour 6 1/2 hours with only gas and air. my 3rd (12 1/2 years ago) came 10 days early and total labour was 4 hours again with only gas and air, so in my experience the labours have got quicker with less pain, im now 38+2 with number 4 (my 1st son and last baby) and hoping to get to hospital in time. hope this helps you. gud luck huny :=)xxxx


falafal0 - March 19

I've had five children (11, 9, 5, 19 mths and 4 mnth) each labour was quicker than the last. 1st was 5 and a half hrs, 2nd was just over 2 hrs and 3rd was born in the car in hospital carpark in 45 minutes. Waters didn't break until just before birth (ARM with 2nd) but with 3rd waters broke by themselves in car. 4th was borh at home (planned because of fast labours) and dh caught in 25 minutes. 5th was also born at home with only two pushes but with bad BH beforehand and only a few contractions. BUT each case is different - don't go by mine or anyone else's. I know too many women with all sorts of experiences regardless of whether first or 7th child (yes, she actually has 7 children! - yikes). Hopefully, yes, you're labour will be quicker and I've found it to be the norm, so good luck xo


falafal0 - March 19

ps my contractions hit me basically out of nowhere and are kind of one long contraction. If I had to endure hours of timing and that, believe me, I'd be on the pain wagon but I don't have a choice but to go natural! Violent I'd call it.


austynsmommy - March 19

My second was alot faster. My first labor was 5 hours and my second was 2 hours. I had an epi every time.


alirenee86 - March 21

Thanks labors sound exactly like my first and what I think will happen with my second. Fast and furious. I have a feeling that even if I DO want the epi, I just won't have time. A couple of you said your first labor was 5 hours, the second 2!! That's awesome. I'm all for faster, that's just me. (if it's gotta be without drugs, but J.J, that's great you really enjoyed it. Like I said, I don't know why I just have an issue with the epi in my head. So if that's my issue, I just want to know it will happen even quicker than my 4 hour labor the first time. I'm pretty confident it will. I"m actually nervous it'll start while my hubby is at work and progress so fast. Honestly, what do you do in that situation?? He works 45 minutes away and if it's anywhere near rush hour, forget it. Do you call an ambulance?? God. I don't even want to think about that!



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