Second Labour How Much Quicker Than First If Any

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mishy - May 26

Just curious about second labours so thought I would post for a quick survey.. heard they tender to be quicker.. my first was 2.5hrs so I am a little concerned that 2nd might be quicker..


dee23 - May 27

im only just about to have my first, but a friend of mine had a 4 hour labor for her first, and her second was 45 minutes! his head was crowning in the car outside the, saying that, theres no way to predict your own labor time, everyone is different.....but i agree with you that all ive heard is that the second time round is always quicker.


Been There - May 27

It really all depends. My first child was early (37 weeks) and I labored for 18 hours. My second child was 9 days late and only then because they induced me. Which didn't work either because I ended up having a c-section because I didn't progress. It just depends on the body.


starr - May 28

My first was about 14 hrs, second was about 8. Wow, Mishy a 2.5 hr labor? I think I pushed for 2.5 hrs with my first just to get him down from under my ribs, then I still had to push for a few more hours to actually get him out.He was 10lbs. Hopefully this one will come a little faster since she is practically sitting in my lap.Good Luck ladies.


mishy - May 28

Thanx guys, I have also had friends who had short labours first time and then the second was like 1/2 hr-head-corwning-in-the-car-park type experiences..


Lander - September 5

with my first I was 4 days over due I was induced and I was in labor for 4 hrs ( epidural did not have time to kick in) with my second I had her 10 days early and was in active labor for 1hr and 20 min max ( no drugs at all ouch!!). I am now 40 weeks with my 3rd and I am praying it is either alot faster or I have quicker acess to drugs lol!


Smilefull - September 5

i think the "rule of thumb" is that they say your second will be about half your first.


iemc19 - September 6

I agree that your 2nd is quicker than your 1st...My first was 3 hours from start to finish, my 2nd was under 2 hours ..BUT my 3rd was the longest ever - 6 hours - It was unbelievable - I was so shocked - totally ruined my plans for getting home the same afternoon!!! My m/w told me afterwards that that is quite common for the 3rd to be like having your 1st again? Don't know how true that is or if anyone has heard the same...Now on my 4th - I'm hoping it will be quicker but I'm a bit wary of asking...haha


Smilefull - September 6

iemc--how far apart where your first two from your third? It might have something to do with that. I know that your body returns to before any babies shape (uniparious or something is the technical term) within 4 years of the last if you wait 4 years it would be like having a first labour again.


iemc19 - September 7

There was 2.5 years between that 2 - (5 between my 1st and 2nd though - although my 2nd was induced early cos of pre-eclampsia so maybe my body was helping out and getting her out quickly!?) Again I have 3 and a bit years between no3 and no4...Joy! You've made me feel good! Can I now expect another boringly long labour!!!


iemc19 - September 7

I should add that that was meant to be funny...I have very good almost pain free and drug free labours...They truly can be slightly boring until the final stage of getting that head out!!


AppleCake - September 7

I am curious about this too, as I was quick with my first labour. I asked a couple of friends and one had a 4 hour labour with her first (induced), and then had her second baby 45 mins after getting to the hospital- she had left her house pretty much upon feeling the first pain. That was with a 3 year gap. Another friend had a 4 year gap, her first ladour was 4 hours, and her second was 50 mins!!


Smilefull - September 7

the lady at the McDonalds, yes you read right, told me her second labour her water broke and the babies head was right there. This was in broken English so I might have misunderstood her--maybe she exaggerated for effect?--She was like "watch out for second babies! they come quickly"


Smilefull - September 7

i just chatted with my mom and said that when she was born (she's a second babe), my grandma wasn't feeling well all day but didn't know why. At some point they called the nurse, the nurse walked into her room and she said she had to go to the bathroom---apparently the nurse just pushed her down on the bed and caught the baby (my mom) in a gush of water . She didn't have time to wash her hands or put on a glove. I guess back then they didn't have forums like us that kept us informed about what to expect!



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