Setting An Induction Date

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julymommy - April 27

I'm only 28 weeks far now, and my doctor has been asking me to set a date for my induction! Myself and my husband don't want to set a date and want the labor to occur naturally. but my doctor keeps asking me every visit to set an induction date!! I'm not sure if this happens at all hospitals or only at my doctor's office!


maxsmom - April 27

That seems so odd to me. I am 38 weeks and last week I brought up induction to my doctor and she told me she wouldn't even talk about setting a date until 39 weeks and the induction after 40 unless something was wrong with me or the baby. I thought that was a little black or white as I know many people whose doctors are more willing to compromise on this issue but I have yet to hear of a doctor pushing the issue if everything looks healthy. Maybe they just want to set up a date for just in case you go over so that the dr. has it in their busy schedule : ) If you don't want to be induced, tell them..


Been There - April 27

You sounds flaky. The doctor should be allowing your body to do what it's supposed to do. The only reason to do otherwise would be a history that would indicate you need to induce. I would ask the doctor why he/she keep asking about induction. They shouldn't be trying to make their lives easier.


Been There - April 28

I'm sorry. I just realized I typed "you sounds flaky." I meant "your doctor sounds flaky." Sorry about that.


Jilloh - April 28

I was never presented the option of induction (I so wanted it to be natural) but then at my 39 week check up they said if my bp didnt regulate by the next week I was gonna be induced. I was induced 4 days later.


mommypluma - April 29

I am 28 weeks as well and I asked my Dr. this past week to be induced and was surprised with the answer. I actually had to see the nurse practioner and she told me that Dr's don't induce for any reason other then when there is a risk to the baby. I will be asking my actual Dr. when I see him May 10. Let me say that I asked for a good reason tho. The only person in my family who can come help me after I have the baby is my grandma but not if she doesn't come before July 12 (I am due July 18th) because she will be in Poland on a mission trip which she had planned and paid for over a year ago before I was even pregnant. Anyway, I am at a very high risk for PPD due to various factors so of course I don't want to be alone. And my DH just isn't enough. The NP told me that if the body isn't ready then induction will do nothing but be a waste of time. When I left in tears because of the way she talked to me, my dr said we would discuss it the next time I came in. But I wouldn't want her to come earlier then a week.


Heather L - May 4

mommypluma : it's true though. If your body isn't ready, nothing the dr can put inside you will make you go into labor. Forcing it can cause major complications leading to a c-section. My sister was almost 2 weeks OVERDUE and it still took three straight days of pitocin attempts to get her into labor.



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