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divachic_136 - February 16

My due date is tomorrow and yesterday I had my membranes stripped (hurt like h__l). A friend told me to go home and have s_x....does this really work?


agtemt - February 16

I saw my doc on my due date with my first and she told me if i didnt go on my own in a week they would induce. I asked if there was any thing i could do she said go home and have s_x. It took 3 days to talk my husband into it but 3 hours after we did i went into labor. If you do though dont get up right away Troy to lay with your bottom propped up on a pillow for a while. Good Luck!


:o) - February 16

I thought you weren't suppose to have s_x after your mucus plug comes out because it helps to protect against bacteria and infections. Once the membranes are stripped the plug should come out soon after.


hUMM - February 16

I thought you can't have s_x after your water has broken as you can get infections then. The mucous plug can come out a week or so before birth and you possibly may not know it.


readytoburst - February 17

Once your water breaks you are at risk for infection. I would get your doctor's OK before s_x. Also know s_x is helpful for 2 reasons. 1:hormone in seamen helps soften the cervix and 2: Orgasm (yours not his :)) stimulates contractions. So if your doctor says s_x will increase chance of infection, you can try orgasm with out intercourse.


divachic_136 - February 17

to readytoburst: my water has not broken. The only thing that has happened to me is my DR. stripped my membranes.


To Divachic_136 - February 19

Your water has not broken naturally but having your membranes stripped is the artificial way of your water should definetly check with your dr. before having s_x since they have exposed your baby by stripping your membranes....GOOD LUCK...I am 39 weeks 3 days and waiting like you!!


41 weeks preg with Lilly - February 19

Having your membranes stripped is not the artificial way of breaking your bag of waters. You baby is still protected from infection as long as that bag is still intact even if your mucous plug is dislodged. S_x is perfectally fine just as long as your membranes are still intact, not your mucous plug- two different things. Espically if your doc said it's ok, then go for it! Enjoy this intimate time with your partner now, who knows when you'll be able to enjoy love making agian!



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