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marinebiology18 - February 16

I am pregnant with my second child and I still do not know what contractions feel like. With my first I delivered in 8 minutes. With this pregnacy I have been recently been having a sharp pain in my va___a when I walk a little bit. I have to stop and let it pass before I can continue walking. It only happens when i walk what could it be? I know that I am 35 weeks and I am 40 percent enfaced


jenna32 - March 31

maybe the baby was pressing on organs.i know what you mean about not knowing what contractions feel like, i never really felt them much with my first either. They induced me and that night i never felt much different so i didn't go in,the next morning they told me to come in so i went and apparently i was 5 cm along.


Shea831 - April 1

My contractions were in the front when I was six weeks from having my first, and in the back when she was ready to come out. I never felt any pain down there, but I do know that contractions were so painful that I could not walk, talk, or even breathe when they hit me. The pain down there might be the baby sitting on something. Or you might be sensitive to the baby pushing on you. The best thing to do, is call your doctor or midwife soon. It never hurts to be sure and careful.


prettymom0409 - April 8

well, i'm 38 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks to go then i'll delivery my baby... i have this feeling also at the right side, down after my ribs. it maybe a gas or any thing, causes me sharp pain. i constantly happens everytime a get up from sleep and when i change my sleeping positions from the other side to the opposite. Is is normal?or should i really call my ob?please help me


Shea831 - April 8

prettymom, I have done some research about the pains. From what I found out, they are your muscles stretching. Or the baby pushing on something. I had them on the right side under my ribs with my daughter. With this pregnancy, they are on the bottom of my belly, and only when I move too fast or funny. But if in doubt, ask your doctor. That never fails.


prettymom0409 - April 9

really?maybe it's the muscles...maybe i was just so apprehensive because my due date is coming... thank you so much for the idea. i'll also see my doctor on saturday for my prenatal check up, i'l ask her about it. i really hope everything will be ok..i'm praying to have a normal and easy delivery with my baby without any complications


Wellis10 - April 17

I agree with Shea831, I had the same pains you are talking about. It feels like sharp pains and they are intense. It is just the muscles and your belly getting bigger on it. Don't worry, and try to stay off you feet. You will be needing every muscle you can get shortly. LOL. Good luck


TOSYN - June 18

Hi people, My name is TOSIN and am from Nigeria...Am in my 17th week and i feel this sharp pains as well...i complained to my doctor and he gave me some drugs to take whenever am having the pains..But the thing is have been finding it difficult to take drugs eversince i got pregnant..I need ur advice.. Thanks


jeffreys mommy - June 18

TOSYN, does this pain only last for a moment? Is it in a very specific spot every time? Does it usually occur when you've done something to use your abdominal muscles (stretching, sittiing up, lifting something)? If so, this sounds like your uterine muscles stretching. I had these in my lower right side of my adbomen as early as end of first trimester. Some people even start feeling them sooner. If this sounds like your problem, you shouldn't need to take any drugs for it. They usually go away as fast as they came and you can usually avoid them once you find what causes them. (try not to sit up too fast or pick things up too fast) Of course, it could be something else too. Hope you start feeling better and can find a cause to your pain.



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