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1st time mom - August 10

I was wondering what are the first signs of labour? Can you begin labour and not have any "show"?


Maureen - May 21

I'm told your water breaks and then there is a gush of water and you see alittle pink sort of mucus, just a spot. Some woman never get to see that.



you get a lot of tightening around the stomach area,Also lower backach and a period pain feeling a cross the groin area,Take in to note,Not all women lose there mucus pluge(bloody show) or waters break till they are at there full stage of labour Which by then you will be seeking for pain relief


louise - midwife - August 2

yes, labour quite often begins without a 'show' the most important thing to pay attention to is early contractions. in many first pregnancys women may experience mild contractions which can be quite painful, although some women do not feel these at all. Every pregnancy is different, time your contractions - if they are getting closer then its time to prepare for labour!


esther michael - August 10

what is the first sign for labour


janet - September 18

what does it mean when during a rutine exam at 33 weeks the doctor tells you that the hight of the baby is higher than expected?


K - October 24

if the baby is higher than expected, it either means you have a bigger baby, a large amount of fluid, or that your date may be a bit off. That's what my doctor told me anyway.There are possibly other reasons.


Sandy - November 16

Yes. I have had three children and only saw the show once. Labor for me always started with sleit cramps


christa - November 29

approximatley how long do i have for my water to break after i have lost my mucous plug?


heather hunter - November 29

yes you can begin labor and nothing happen. i done it with my last child.


Natalie - December 11

I have been told by my midwife that you can have a show without any blood in it.


chelsea - January 13

i am having contractions every now and then and last for about a minute they are really painful what should i do ??


salie - January 13

chelsea, how bad are the contractions? have you tired walking to get the labor going? how far along are you? good luck


kim - January 20

I didn't have any show with my two kids, just lots of pain in my lower stomach. It starts out kind of like menstrual cramps and gets worse. I lost my mucus plug before I was in a lot of pain, but delivered the same day. If the pain is to bad to sleep through then you are probably in labor.


Kris - January 21

I am only 30 weeks. I have been having what I thought was braxton hicks, but I finally called my doctor and when I went in to see him , he sent me to the hospital. I am having real contractions, although I am not dial. or efface. Does this mean my baby will be born prematurely? They gave me a shot of something when I was in the ER to stop the contractions, I am just worried they will return. Anyone else experience this?? What can I do?


nicky - February 1

i had that but when i went into hospital i was 31 weeks they put me on a drip that helped to stop the contractions, i finaly had emily at 39 weeks, the medication is good you should be just fine, i was told to drink plenty of water cos they may have started with a urine infection


Danielle - February 24




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