Signs Of Labour Approaching First Time Mom

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Sinead - July 12

Hi, I am currently 39 weeks, and I have been getting tightening pains in my stomach, under my bump and down my lower back they last for a few mins and then disappear, also I have been getting alot of bowel movement about three or four times a day, loss of clear gooey discharge, amd my blood pressure has gone up slightly, does this mean I am in early labour or does it mean it will happen soon, I am due July 21st 2005. Baby is moving well, and I can feel babys head in my pelvis area moving side to side I think! Please help me I would appreciate your comments and advice, Thanks!


SARAH - July 12

Those are the cla__sic signs that labour will begin soon! Frequent loose bowel movements, braxton hicks, back pain, baby's head down, etc. It won't be long now. Do lots of walking. I heard that walking helps the cervix dilate, because the baby's head stimulates it from the movement. Good luck. I'm so excited for you.


J - July 12

Hi! Im due the 21st also and I am having the same thing. I get cramps that feel like im on my period and have been having loose bowels. I think we are close!!! =o)


Erin - July 14

HI, I'm also 39 weeks, due the 21st also. I have had the same symptoms and yesterday my lower back started to ache. I went to the doctor's today and she said the baby's head has moved down but then talked about an inducement date between 41 and 42 weeks. I guess she doesn't think the baby's coming soon! Just curious if you know the baby's gender. We're waiting til the birth to find out.


Jamie - July 14

Hey Everyone! I am also due on the 21st of July, and I have been having contractions for a couple of days now, and I have been doing alot of walking, still nothing yet. I hope I am getting close, well good luck to all you new moms.


Maria - July 18

I've had the same thing for about a week, I haven't told my dr yet, should I go in or call to see if it is premiture labor? I'm not supposed to be due until august 28th!


D - July 18

Well I am due on the 26th and it feels like eternity. I have now dilated to 3 cm 70 % effaced. Last week I ahve been experiencing a lot of contractions I was so excited and eager to go to the hospital but guess what the pains stop, there was no pattern to the contractions. Well all I can do now is walk and hope that my baby come before the 26th. Oh I was told that when I feel the contraction that I must not lay down so it is my intention to do some rigid walking in the the new moms God bless and enjoy the experience.


cajun01 - July 19

I am due on the 26th too, but I am only about 30% effaced and that's it. I have a feeling baby will be later and my biggest fear is being induced. I have had some overall pelvic crampy feelings a couple times, but they go away after about 1/2 hour. *sigh*


christy - July 19

hi, im due on the 22nd of july, i only seem to have sharp pains in my stomach when i walk for a while. i dont really have an appet_te, and i also was woundering about the clear gooey discharge


Jen - July 19

Oh my gosh Christy I am so sick of having discharge! Its really bad in the mornings and I have to put on a pad so I dont leak on the furniture! Its so annoying


suzeW - July 27

I was also due on the 21st and have been having similar feelings for the last month....must just be wishful thinking for me! Now six days overdue and in hospital tomorrow to view options! Hope the rest of you are lucky enough to have had your babies x



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