Some Of My Girlfriends Have Told Me To Have An Epidural

4 Replies - April 25

Some of my girlfriends have told me to have an epidural (they say it rocks). But I wonder whether I should do it or not. I’m afraid of needles and also I kinda want to experience the whole things au natural. Anyone want to comment?


Linda Milles - January 29

I went natural the first 2 times, but this last time in November my baby was late and late and late and I was losing it. So my doc finally induced labor and by then I was ready for the epidural and I have to say AN EPIDURAL DOES ROCK. The labor was a million times easier with it than it was for my other 2 p/g’s. If I had it to do over again for the others, there’s no way I’d suffer through them like I did. I barely had to push this last time, my baby Trevor just popped out. Gross sounding, but really, if you’re given a choice, don’t hesitate!


becca - February 8

my first child was completely natural i did not feel i needed any pain medication, although i know i had a relatively easy labor and birth im glad i had the experience. im now preg with my second and hoping to have a similar experience. i reccomend at this time u do some research and weigh up the pro's and cons of having an epidural, whichever decision u make u can all ways change your mind when that time comes. the important thing is do what u feel is best for u and baby.. hope u have a wonderful experience regardless of what u choose to do


Maggie - March 15

for my first I went natural and with my second I had and epidural it was horrible (for me anyway) it took 20 min. to do and kept wereing off and through the whole thing I could still feel contractions and by the time I had to push it felt the same as when I had my first. I am pregnant with my thrid and plan to have a natural birth.


Suling - April 25

My first was natural, but my second I had a epidural. I have been having back pains every since. I am on my third and I plan to have it natural.



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