Some One Please Help Embaressed To Ask

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chrissy - December 5

i am 36 weeks pregnant and today i woke up and i had lots of discharge in my underwear and around the discharge was clear and my underwear were soaked i dont know if its discharge or fluid how do u know if you have a leak is it clear and could it be cloudy .. pleas some one help i have a kid but i was induced so i never went through this stuff


c - December 5

if anyone know s any thing at all please help


Tina - December 5

don't know if this helps much but it could be clear or cloudy, (i know this is gross but) if you smell it and it doesn't have a smell (or in other words it doesn't smell like urine) then possibly. I was also told if your water breaks but it wasn't a quick gush it will be a constant trickle. I hope this helped. Sorry I couldn't be more informitive.


Jackie - December 15

You should go to your midwife and doctor to get a checkup. They can explain what it is. Don't wait - for your and your baby's sake


Andrea - December 17

lol. oh motherhood, ain't it great.... If your water had broken it would be a huge amount and very warm to hot. You could be leaking, get it checked out cuz the baby needs that fluid after a while. Dont wait, just in case, ok? For you and your baby. xoxox


Anon - December 17

If her water broke, it wouldnt have to be alot, my Dr. said it could be just a trickle, or a gush. depends on your body.


kerrie - December 20

im 36 wks with my 4th baby and i have the same thing all the time as long as it doesnt smell or itch its probably like mine just ya cervical fluids theres nothing to worry about some women get more than others , but i know wat ya mean it can feel like u have wet ya self but if u do notice that is tricklin then make sure get it check ur best bet is to wear a panty liner or sanatry towel and see if u are trickling i hope this helps. good luck


B - December 27

Depending on the consistency of your discharge, you may have lost your mucous plug. This usually happens within a few weeks of delivery. Your body is preparing for labor. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor. If you experience this again, put a dry maxi pad on and if you continue to leak, be clear, pink tinged or greenish you need to go to Labor and Delivery and get checked out. Hope that helps.


km - January 2

I would also say go to L&D and get checked because, if it is well..mucousy, it is probably your plug.But if not you could be leaking fluid. It doesn;t have to be a gush. depending on if the babys head is corking the opening or not, and also how mcuh amniotic fluid you have,. when the doctor broke my water there was barely any.


Carie - January 6

Go to the hospital or your doctor right away.It is not worth waiting for your next appointment. I was leaking fluid for weeks with my first and didn't know it. We had to be induced at 36 weeks for low fluid. It was a very close call.


Amy - January 7

I've read that if it has sort of a sweet smell to it, then it is probably amniotic fluid. When my water broke in the middle of the night with my last baby, it was clear, and it wasn't a lot - it didn't all come out at once. I had a little wetness and wondered if my water had broken, then I laid back down and a few minutes later a little bit more came out. (As long as you're standing up more may not come out, as the baby's head acts like a cork.) It's important to go to the doctor to find out whether your water broke, as the the longer the water is broken, the higher the risk of infection to your baby. Good luck!



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