Stabbing Pains Please Help

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Jessie - November 20

I just got home from the movie theater and before the 2 and half hour movie..i got bad cramping in my stomach and i just thought well maybe i just gotta use the bathroom...the pain stoped after a min and we went in the movie...i was increasingly uncomfordable durring the movie..on the way home i got a sharp stabbing pain in my va___a(felt like someone was shoving a knife in me) and it lasted for about a min...then it went away...I read somewhere that you can tell how much a woman is dialated by look at her butt (gross i know but whatever) so i looked and there is supposed to be a dark red line in your crack if your dialating and however long the line is..thats how many cm you are...well i looked b4 a few days ago and i was like yeah thats just bs...well i looked a few min ago and there is a 2in dark red line in my butt i dont think im in labor because i'd feel contractions right?....could i be dialating without contractions..or just not feel them?....oh please someone help me...:( so confused....


Jessie - November 20

I dont know why i even bother on this site anymore...nobody is ever around to answer my questions...:(


Kristen - November 21

First time on here in long time. But anyways. you don't feel yourself dialating. and Contractions are not always painful. The pain in your v____a area is most likey the baby pushing down words moving down to get ready to be born. i don't know about the b___t thing. I know you wrote this yesturday. Contractions are your utures tighting and releasing. IF you still having the pain i would just check with your dr. let him know what is going on. if you really our worried try to get into see your dr. today and if you can't go to the hospital and have them check you out. if you think you might be having contractions the hospital will monitor you for an hour to determine if you need to stay or not. weather they think you will have the baby soon.


Hello Jessie - November 22

Many have that stabbing feeling off and on throughout pregnancy, it does not mean you've dilated. I have noticed it can get worse, last night it was so bad I jumped in bed from the pain. I have dilated, but I've had the pains months before I started to.


Stephanie - November 24

I get those pains too. How far along are you? Towards the end, I take it. I'm at 3cm and 80% effaced now, in "early labor" but we all know that can go on for a day or weeks.



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