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kendra - September 9

what are some things that I can do to jump start my labor


Maggie - March 15

Some doctors say that this does not work but it did for me and a few of my girlfriends. Have S_x if you are far enough along you will feel contractions within a day ( a least that is what happened with my friends and I)


melanie atkins - March 24

rasberry leaf tea or pop to a chemist and get some clarey sage oil, pop some on a tissue and get sniffing! either of these will work!!!!!


Maureen - May 21

I have rasberry leaf tea in the house! Good thing, I think I'll save it now until the time is right, thanks.


Janelle - May 31

When the baby is ready she will come out none of these things work


Tabitha - June 2

castor oil 2 tablespoons and 2 gla__ses of orange juice.


Carissa - June 14

1 tsp. castor oil in a cup of red rasberry leaf tea once every three hours and walking, worked for me.


Carissa - June 14

to elaborate, I drank it once an hour every hour, a total of 3 times.


billielee - June 21

i ate 6 pieces of fresh pineapple when should i start to feel anything if its gonna work


CHRISTY - June 22



Val - June 27

Blue Cohosh is supposed to help encourage labour and swifter labour.If you're comfoprtable with herbal suggestion then you should try finding this at your local health food store.


Daniell - July 1

S_x, orgasm, stimulating your nipples release oxytocin--which is what starts your contractions. (Hospitals give Petocin-which is synthetic Oxytocin). Also- being happy-don't stress out, stress stops labor.


Gemma - August 2

I have bin takin raspberry leaf for ages i hav tried cod liver oil 2 tablespoons and walking and having lots of s_x none of the above have worked yet i also hav tried using a b___st pump 2 stimulate nipples and a heat pad aswell and now im trying clary sage essential oil so nothing has worked yet.


paige - August 23

how can help make myself go into labor


Kat M - September 8

I love my unborn son, but get him outta me! My doctors had trouble telling me my true due date due a D&C-it ranged from the last week in August to September 20th. I've been very patient & following everyone's instructions & advise. I'm so ready, I'm 3+ cms & haven't slept in over 3 mths due to being uncomfortable-HELP ME GO INTO LABOR! (s_x,raspberry tea,spicy foods,walking,accu puncture nor washing the floors has helped!)


Jenn - September 8

Kat I am in your same shoes and i have tried everything too, and nothing works, I am going to try an ennema now, I hear that works from my doula


Brandi - September 9

well I did try the "bumpy road" well it was more like speed bumps and I went into labor with in 2 hours, I was two weeks early, so I think it did help.



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