Start Labor

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[email protected] - April 12

There are lots of things, having s_x, eating hot curry, I dont know if they are true, I had s_x a couple of days before and that might have done it.


kady - April 13

I'm 39 weeks and have tried everything and nothing works,your body as well as the baby have to be ready for anything to work.


angelbaby44 - April 13

well i tried castor oil 1 tablespoon and 6 ounces of orange juice, pineapple i ate a hole pineapple, presure points, s_x, walking, driving on really bumpy roads, nipple stimulation, pretty much anything that my friends and family could come up with and here i am a week later and am 41 weeks and prob. going to be induced monday and really dont want to was hoping that it would happen on its own but they say that everyones body is diffrent so these things may work for you so good luck!!!


kristen2919 - March 3

I am almost 39 weeks and With my other 2 kids I went over my due date. Now I don't want to be induced.So I been trying to find a NATRUAL way to start my labor. What are somethings I can do? I also been hearing about the resberry Leaf tea does that really work and do you know how much I have to drink to start the labor


jaggers - March 4

Hi i'm on my 4th boy and i have tried them all!! Castrol oil did it for me with the first 3rd boy she swipped me and well with this one i have tried them all and nothing has worked i am going on 39 wks i am almost 5cm dialated my doc has made a second attempt too stretch me yesterday and so far nothing but some spotting and being sore. One thing i have'nt tried is the nipple thing Never heard that working before,so i think really if baby is'nt ready nothing will work.Good luck


CoffeeCriss - January 11

My 2 first kids came at or around their due date, but my 3rd just didn't want to come out. At 41 weeks, we had to think of options, because where I live, if you go 2 weeks over your due date, the midwife is legally bound and has to transfer your file to the hospital where you'll be medically induced. It sucks, I know... especially since we wanted a home birth. The walking-s_x-repeat cycle is the best way to go, but even that wasn't working for me. What worked like a charm was maternal acupressure. Hope this helps!


alirenee86 - January 23

Nothing. I know there's a TON of stuff they say and I've tried with my 2nd son. My first, I could've attributed labor starting on it's own to a lot of different things. With my 2nd son, I tried them all again by the end of my pregnancy and nothing worked. I walked for miles every week and nothing. I was induced after 2 weeks late. I am convinced it's something that is triggered when it's ready at it's own good time. I know it's frustrating toward the end but don't drive yourself nuts with it. If you have to be induced (hopefully not), it isn't bad at all. At least mine wasn't. Good luck!



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