Strange Discharge

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nelle - November 1

Hey, I am 36 weeks pregnant and suddenly the light yellowish discharge I'd been having has increased and turned yellowish-green! It's not a lot, but enough that my panty liner constantly feels a bit damp. Does anyone know what this is about? I just can't believe anything that color coming out of your body can be healthy!


NG - November 1

The smae thing has happend to me over the last few days the yellow discharge has got a little green and thinner and there has been alot more of it. Today there has been none at all, and that is strange because I have had at least a bit most days since 20weeks. I am 39 weeks pregnant. Because my discharge has been a little yellow from the start I am not too worried about the slight colour change. But I have read that if you have an infection it can be a green color as well. So if you have any other signs talk to your doctor.


Joanne - November 1

Hey, I am 35 1/2 weeks pregnant, and I have the same thing going on. I was at my check up today, and my doctor told me it was completely normal for discharge to increase over the next few weeks. But she told me to call right away if it tinges brownish, goldish, or reddish. It's worth calling your doc to make sure though.


Jen - November 2

Hi...I'm 36 weeks, and have the same issue. As gross as it sounds though, I'm REALLY sensitive down there, and the discharge is milky, but feels like it's running out. This is my 3rd baby-and I didn't experience this with the other two. I don't think it's my water, but it's kind of gross! Any suggestions?


Tammy - November 2

Jen, I've had the same thing. It feels like a milky liquid that just flows out every hour or so. I hope someone has some suggestions....


Brooke - November 2

I read this helpful information about testing to see if your water broke. "The easiest thing to do to tell if it is your water or urine is to put on clean, dry underwear and a pad or pantiliner. Then you'll want to lay down for about a half of an hour. If the fluid is amniotic fluid, it will pool or gather in the v____a while you lay down. During this half an hour, spend time gathering your thoughts. Are you packed and ready for the trip to the hospital? Do you need to call anyone like your husband or doula? Try to do a fetal kick count or make note of your baby's movements as well. You can also use the time to take a quick nap. At the end of the time, simply get up and go back to the bathroom. Here is where we checked to see if the pad is wet or dry. A dry pad means that your water is most likely not broken. What you experienced could have been an increase in mucus discharge, a small leak from your bladder or other common late pregnancy nuisances."


Lynn - November 2

It could be your mucus plug. Some women on here have described it as a greenish-yellowish and stringier than their normal discharge.



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