Strange Q But Im Worried

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Scared !! - October 9

When im with my boyfriend, he has trouble fingering me. Like one finger is ok, then he has trouble getting 2 in and 3 is totally out of the question... He says it feels like a bone is stopping him from using more than one. I was wondering, will this make it harder for me to actually give birth to my daughter. Or will it also expand like the cervix, gosh i hope so. Please, anyone got some form of answer for me, cause im worried she will get stuck.


lisa - October 10

3 fingers!!! can you have s_x normally? im sure everything is fine and he is just shoving in the wrong direction, why not try some loving 1 finger stimulation, isnt not all about quant_ty but sensitivity.


Scared !! - October 10

Yeah.. we have no problem having s_x at all... and he isnt what i would call small by any stretch of the imagination... We tried again tonight... and yeah.. trouble again.. do you think im going to have trouble giving birth.. ? no doctor has given me any form of internal exam.. so i havent had the chance to ask.. and to be honest.. im quite embara__sed about this question.


j - October 10

doctors have heard everything, the ask. It is always better to safe than sorry, and if you are worried about saying the whole finger thing, then don't tell the whole truth, use a more subtle version. How far along are you. I know once your almost due, and the baby has dropped you can actually feel the babys Head (skull, hard bone) near your cervix, which is only about a finger deep.


Scared !! - October 11

My boyfriend describes it to me as a ring of bone... and im only 25 weeks, so its not the baby...


angie - October 13

could he be feeling your cervic? if so tell him not to worrie about it go around it its not bone its where the baby comes out


natasha - October 17

Know what you feel like. Have not been ably to have s_x for the last + - 20 weeks without getting hurt.


Sarah - October 17

i wouldnt worry about it anyways...the more along you get the softer everything gets down there..



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