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Curious - September 28

I heard that you defacate when you are pushing out the child. Is this true? All my friends say that it is, however they have never had children. I have been meaning to ask this question for a long time, but never had the nerve to. Please respond. I am looking for this answer, and dont worry about giving TMI (too much information)!! Thanks


Sago - September 29

My friend said that she did when she gave birth. I guess it can happen. Probably depends on what you've had to eat the previous days and how often you do 'the do'. =) I'm 36 weeks. I won't be surprised if it happens to me. ;)


Sabrina - September 29

The baby takes up all the space down there on the way out. You'll probably pa__s out some poop in your pushing. Don't worry about it. The nurses see it alot and take it away right away and normally don't say a thing about it.


emma lee - October 1

ooh i'm so glad you asked that qquestion cos i was wondering too! Thank you Curious, and thank you sago and Sabrina for your help in this taboo topic. I really appreciate it, and good luck with all of your pregnancies ladies! xxxx


Mary - November 6

I've talked to people that has happened to. If you are straining to hard I'm sure it could happen. It didn't happen to me. I was worried about that too. I had a friend that actually peed while having her son. It's no big deal if it happens. Those doctors have seen it all! ;-)


KM - November 6

it does happen all the time, and I guess the doctors wont even mention it they'll just clean it up,. so sometimes you wont even realize it happened. When you go into early labour, your bowels will usually clear themselves out. Sometimes at the hospital that will give you a laxative if there is time, but I don't think it is common for them to do that anymore


Michelle - November 12

When I had my first child I hadn't eaten since the night before and they wouldn't let me eat until after I delivered because they said it would create stool that could come out while I was pushing. Hope this helps.


hi - November 16

I asked my mom when I became concerned about the same issue. She said that she did when she was pushing us out. But only a bit. She said that it's fairly common. Don't worry, curious. The doc's have seen it before!



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