Strep B Positive

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ashleyb0827 - February 16

Did anyone else test positive for Strep B? I did. And I know it's not really a big deal anymore because they give you an antibiotic at the hosptial so there is almost no risk for your baby ... BUT ... what my main question was ... is how do you GET strep b? Everything that I've looked up seems that it's just kind of there!


averysmom - February 16

I would also like to know the answer to this question if anyone knows...


Shannon - February 17

with my first baby i tested positive for it and i'll bet i will this time. i was so embarra__sed and horrified, as if i caught an STD or something. now it jkust seems like an annoying detail in the big picture. i have no idea how people get it. it seems like to me that some people just get it and some don't. i'd like to know though too.


Tammy276 - February 17

It grows in your gastrointestenal (sp) track. Some people carry it and some don't. You could test positive one time and negative the next time......It is a bacteria that grows very quickly, which is why they treat it at delivery and not before. It is not an STD and cannot be trasfered s_xually.


AmandaManns - February 18

i tested positive for it at 12 weeks through my urine and then at my 36 weeks appt I was negative..weird. They did give me an antibiotic for it anyway just to be safe and I had a healthy 10lb baby boy who is now 14 months old!!!! I think that the GBS is just there, I'm not sure how you get it. I know that my SIL has 4 kids and with her first 2 she did not have it and her last pregnancy which was twins she tested positive. - April 23

Hello, I tested negative on my 12 week check but then I thought my waters had broke one day and they tested me about 34 weeks and I was positive. It can be harmful for the baby however if they have found it, they give you antibotics and its fine, the antibotics have to be given 4 hours before the baby is born, so when you go into hospital, its likely they wont be sending you home. Which is a good thing cos then you have have your pain relief at any stage. GBS isnt a STD, its just a bacteria that you could get from any where, people can carry it on their hands or anything, it growns either in your vigina, or in your intestines. Its not harmful for you, and there are no symptoms, so you wouldnt even know you had it. If you do test positive, as the bacteria can be pa__sed so easily, make sure you ask people to wash their hands before they touch your baby, even you as a mother, especially you being positive, its a small thing you can do for the first few weeks. I have with my daughter. I thought I would feel awkward asking people to wash their hands before touching or holding my baby, however it wasnt, I just explained the situation and they was more than happy to. I bought some of the achol gel, the stuff they make you put on your hands when you go to hospital, its great but dont you use it too often on your hands, use soap and water, your hands crack and they are painful. Good luck.


Kathryn - April 24

I tested neg. with my first pregnancy and positive this time. It doesn't sound like it's that big of a deal anymore because they give you antibiotics. My doctor said he's never seen it effect a full term baby, but it could have effects on a preterm baby.



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