Stretching Cervix

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tjj - August 1

What does it mean to have your cervix stretched? I am 37 wks 4 days & My Dr. stretched mine today and said that maybe that would get things moving down there. It was really uncomfortable and she said I would have mucus and spotting tonight or tomarrow. Has anyone had this done? Does it work? I'm 1 1/2 cm dialated and 90% effaced.


Amanda R - August 2

I had mine stretched at 37 weeks and 4 days too! I was dilated to a 2 and like 70% effaced. It is similar in theory to the membrane stripping-- it sort of encourages the cervix to dilate more. If it is any encouragement, I lost my mucus plug early the next morning (after the Doc stretched my cervix) and was in labor a week later!! It won't work every is really dependent on how ready your body is for labor. It is a much more natural means of "helping things along" than Pit or cervadil!! Good luck and labor dust to you!


melena211 - August 12

My Dr. did the same to me yesterday. I am about 38 1/2 wks along and about 3-4 cm dialated, the baby's head is at -1. She said that the cervix was very thin and by streching it , it would start labor within 7 to 9hrs. A couple of hours after this procedure I had bloody mucus discharge through out the day and contractions were coming and going. Today, saturday no signs of labor, the bloody discharge continues, but not as bloody. This is discouraging since my husband got all excited and is on me about how soon i will go into labor. I did some reasearch online and it's true it doesn't always work, you can loose the mucus plug that day or the next and not go into labor until a few days or weeks after.


michellem - August 12

i have had 4 of these done now, my last was 2 days ago and they seemed really positive it was gonna work, but nothing has happened yet ggrrrrr, have been losing bits of my plug since my second one at 39 wks am now 5 days overdue and am booked in to be induced on wednesday, i have had 3 other kids and been induced with all of them!!!! i must have a really strong cervix, it's my birthday tomorrow and would love to have him then but i doubt it, don't get your hopes up too much because like you say you can get really excited and you'll just be more frustrated if it doesn't work, just try and keep yourself busy and enjoy your last days of peace!!


Mom of 7 - January 9

I'm expecting my 7th very soon. I've always gone past my due date and needed a little jump start. With my 4th and 5th I had my cervix stretched and went into labor hours later. With my 6th one, I thought for sure that was the magic key to get things going, and expected the same results. Well, we tried it twice to no avail, and I had to be induced. I'm due in 3 weeks and I'm really hoping this will be the first one to arrive BEFORE her due date. Maybe I'll even go into labor all on my own for once! Here's hoping!


lunamoo - January 10

My God I know this is an old post but....!!!!!!! At 37 weeks a doctor should do NOTHING of the sort and especially if she/he doesnt even explain to you what he is doing. Are docs so d__n stupid (yes they are!!!) to "get things moving along" when at 37 weeks you have a good 3-5 weeks left of an ABSOLUTELY NORMAL pregnancy. How shocking. Come on ladies, lets educate ourselves a bit and stop being like cars going to the mechanics for a "service."


Drayasmommy12 - February 16

My doctor streched my cervix yesterday and I am 39 weeks today..I woke up with mucus when I wiped..I keep having sharp pains when I step and loads of pressure..Before he stretched me I was 1cm dilated and 70% thinned out..I have no idea what I am now..Anybody have advice?



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