Stripped Membranes And Castor Oil

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Ashley - February 11

I am almost 40 weeks, 2 cm dialated, 75% effaced and the baby is at +1. My doctor stripped my membranes yesterday at 2. Nothing has really happened. Can I take castor oil to maybe help things along. This is my first baby and I am so ready for him to come into this world!! Any advice? Thanks


KM - February 11

No No No!! don't take castor oil. The doctor will induce you soon if you don't go on your own.Castor oil is very dangerous. do some research on it. It is typically used as a laxative,a nd will have the same effect on the baby, causing the baby to produce meconium (have a bowel movement inside you) this can lead to infection very easily.sometimes midwives will use castor oil as a natural induction (sometimes it does work) but ONLY supervised in a birthing center, so if it fails to start labour, they can medically induce. Ask your doctor to do the cervidil gel. I got it, and it put me into labour. If you're ready it will, if not it will just soften your cervix so that you are ready for a proper induction 24 hrs after administering it.


Maleficent - February 11

it works because it puts your body into such a state of gastero-intestinal upset that it brings on contractions. there are alot of safe ways to try to bring on labor. try putting a warm towel on your b___sts, s_x, and lots of walking. (not all at once) ;)


Tammy - March 11

I took castor oil with my fist the night of her due date. Took it at 7pm and she was born the next day shortly after noon. I took it again at 39 weeks with my second and I got major contractions but no baby yet


SJ - May 1

I am 40 weeks and decided to try the castor oil for the 1st time (this is my 2nd Baby). I took it at 8:30 this morning and had some mild diarrea around 12:30 along with some mild contractions afterward, but nothing yet. I just took a 2nd dose at 4:30, so will see if that works at all! I took 2 oz with about 4 oz soda, so I did not taste it at all, which seems to be one of the main complaints. Also, like I said, with that dose I wasn't stuck on the toilet for an hour either. I think some people just get a little too eager and tend to over do it. Just be sure to be mindful and cautious whenever you try any method of induction. As far as the meconium, the research goes both ways, and the majority of the ones I read said there was just nothing to support a link between the castor oil and the meconium.


Kristina - May 2

I am 40 weeks as well and am getting a little desperate. I talked to a co-worker about the castor oil and they said that it was dangerous. No where have a read that it was, so i called my OB and asked. They said it would not harm the baby, but makes for a messy delevery. I decided against it for that fact, but I highly doubt it would be detrimental to baby if you did do it.


bluebaby - May 2

I took 2oz when I was 36 wks, 2 days, and was 75% effaced. I had contractions but the main thing I got was major diariah. 5 days later I am only 80% effaced, so castor oil did not work for me. I'm also to afraid to take any more for fear of what it could do to the baby, like creating meconium.


Angel - June 9

My friend took castor oil when she was in her ninth month. She took a little and went to the emergency room, they sent her home. When she went home she said she took a little bit more then she went into labor. So I have heard that it works not only from her from someone else as well.


Ashley - June 10

Its me again! Four months later! I ended up taking the castor oil at 2 PM the day after my membranes were stripped. At 7:45 PM that night my water broke!! I had my son the next morning at 7:57AM. I got really irritable and cranky at 6:30 PM and decided to go lie down. At &;$5 I felt kinda funky and stood up and my water broke. It worked for me but everyone is different. If I decide to have another baby I might try it again. I am so happy being a mom. He is the BEST blessing in the whole world!! Good luck to all!


jen - June 18

I have diarrea. I am 9 weeks pregnant. What can I take that will not hurt my baby.?


Maddie - June 19

Ashley, how much did you take? I'm 40 wks. 3 days, 2cm dilated, 80% effaced and the is engaged. At 5am I took 4 tbsp. mixed with orange juice (not bad). Went to sleep, and at 10:00 had to go to the bathroom with cramping but it's not too bad. Should I take more?


Andraya - June 19

Castor oil has been used as a labour inducer for ages. My daughter was born at 43 1/2 weeks after my Dr. decided not to induce because she was small for dates. I was fed up and ready to get it over with. I tried cohosh tincture to no success and then bought a bottle of castor oil after downing half the bottle I started feeling mild contractions, within the hour i was at the birthing center with contractions coiming 5 min apart. I had no complications from using it and have always used natural and herbal remedies during my pregnancies, the main thing is to not over do it on the oil, i took too much. A table spoon should do it, if not wait an hour and try some more. Good luck.


Maddie - June 19

Andraya , what do you think it is about the castor oil? My baby is a big boy...already nearly 8lbs. and I just finished the bottle of C/O with oj. I seem to be having slightly bloody spotting (not bad though) and VERY watery bowel movements. Is that normal? It's like the oil and oj just pa__sed right through me!



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