Stripped Membranes And Now Mucous Plug

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Tracey - March 3

I'm currently 39 + 3 and at my doc appt. yesterday he stripped my membrances (which hurt like crazy). He told me I would be bleeding after that, which I did, but late last night when I went to the bathroom, I was greeted with a bloody hunk of snot looking stuff (sorry to be gross). Does this sound like my mucous plug or just the after effects of stripped membranes? Also, if so, does that mean labor is approaching?


layla - March 3

It does sound like your mucus plug, and labor is probably approaching. Good luck!


nickcol - March 8

Iam dialated to a 4, my doc stripped my membranes last thursaday and i had the same thing happen, here it is tuesday and still no baby! :-(


stacy - March 10

my doctor did same thing to me on tuesday and then yesterday (wednesday) i had the same thing happen and i was told by doctor it was my mucus plug, and i am dialated to 3cm. i am due next thursday march 17th and this is my fourth child. i cant believe he is not here yet.


Kristen - March 12

I did not have my membranes stripped, but I do believe I lost my mucus plug. I t was not blood tinged, just thick and an off white color. Can you tell me if thats what it was. Thank you...


kirsten leslie - April 1

Hello...sounds like it..but it could mean that labour is hours or about two weeks away ...sadly ! Am in the same position...guess we should make the most of the rest of the freedom!


Laura - April 3

My daughter (16 & 37 & half weeks) lost her plug a week today ( Sunday). She is only .5 dialated & 10% effaced. We think that it can be any day but you never know. She went through the "nesting phase" the Monday & Tuesday after she lost her "plug". They only come when they are ready. We are having a girl. We (myself & my daughter are anxiously waiting.


Jill - April 4

I lost my plug like 3 weeks ago and still nothing, I'm 37 weeks now, Is that normal to loose your plug that early????


Ash - April 4

I lost my plug last Wed. and still no baby! I'm being induced on Thursday.


Amara - April 28

I went to the doctor today and was checked for dilation. I am at 0, but later in the day i had a little brown v____al bleeding. does any one know what this could be?


Nichole - May 1

Amara- the little bit of brown bleeding is probably just from being checked. Everytime I am checked I loose a little bit for a day or two. My doctor says that my cervix is just sensative, but if it concerns you call your doctor! If you are stressing about it, your baby is stressing! I hope that helps you!



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