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New2this21 - July 9

Im 37wks & 3days pregnant Im currently 1cm dialated & just started to lose my mucus plug...I've been having contractions since 30wks & my doc is going to induce me next questions is can I suggest to have my membranes stripped at my next appt which is in the morning....if so how can i ask her





schreck - July 9

I agree. Just ask. If doc is going to induce in a week anyway I don't think it will be a big deal.


preggosauce - July 11

Yeah, I would just mention since your going to be induced anyway, you'd like to try and get things going naturally to try to avoid the induction. I'm in the same boat you are. I will be induced in my 39th week if I haven't gone into labor before then. I just asked Dr. yesteday (I'm 37 weeks tomorrow) if he would consider stripping my membranes to try to avoid the induction. He told me he'd even do it that day if I was dialated enough. However, I was only at 1cm so he said it would HURT if he tried to do it....So, hopefully next week I'll be more dialated and he'll do it then. Good luck and let me know if it works for you!!


beenthere - July 11

What's the rush? Your body is preparing itself - give it time! My membranes were stripped without my consent at 37 weeks - leading to an infection in my placenta (I was GBS+) - and ultimately an emergency c-section in an otherwise normal healthy pregnancy. Unless there is some medical reason for induction, keep in mind that every intervention you accept increases your chances for major surgery. Trust your body... give it time and try to enjoy the moment!


New2this21 - July 13

Well now im 38 wks & still doc decided not to strip them because she didnt want to interupt mothernatures process...): but now i have a new set of problems early this mornin like 4am i went to the bathrm & i kinda think that my water broke because i peed longer then normal & it was clear with no smell so i took a shower & put on a pad & went back to sleep when i woke up the pad was a lil damp but it had a smell like bleach...its crazy because im havin like mild contractions but a major somebody, anybody HELP I never had anything come outta me that smelled like bleach....oh yeah i forgot to mention that white discharge is also coming out what should i do


schreck - July 13

I would call your doc. If you think your water broke they usually want you to deliver within 24 hours so that you don't get an infection. If you have a small leak they may want to monitor you. Keep us posted.



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