Stripping Membranes

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Alicia - June 21

Hi everyone! I am going to be 39 weeks tomorrow and I went to the doctor. She said I was 70% effaced with a soft cervix and 3 cm. dialated. She stripped my membranes (ouch!). I also had s_x yesterday in hopes of helping it along. Does anyone know how effective stripping membranes is? I have been feeling some cramping on my cervix today, and I have to go to the bathroom often (diahrea a lot, too - sorry TMI). I am just wondering if labor is getting closer? I feel like I'll be pregnant forever...


Heather - June 22

i had mine stripped last friday, and im about 2 1/2 cm and 50 % effaced, she said my cervix is soft, and yet 39 + 1 today, so we'll see i guess...crampy all the time, tried s_x, walking, hot food, the bathroom thing and all...good luck!


what is "stripping Memebranes" - June 22

i am 37 weeks, does every dr. do this? should i ask about it? what do they do, it sounds painful.


Lori - June 29

I had my membranes stripped with my last child and went into labor that night. I just had it done again with my 3rd on the 28th and nothing with this one so far (the 29th). My Doctor said it works about half of the time and usually within 24 hours


Lori - June 30

I had mine stripped yesterday 37 + 4, I'm 3cm, 90% effaced, carrying twins:-) Within 2hours irregular contractions set in & lasted the rest of the day & woke up this morning very crampy. Hopefully we'll all deliever in the next few days.


susan - December 4

to dr bob : GET A LIFE.... had my membranes stripped in my last pg every other day, i was4 then 5 cm dilated - 90% for 3 weeks. I thought it would never come out.


yasmina - December 5

My membrane was stripped and it's been 4 days and no baby so i don't know if it really helped. I'm 39 weeeks


Donna - December 6

I had my membranes stripped a week ago today and nothing has happen, i going back today for her to try again, i am now 41 weeks and the waiting is driving me crazy


Deb - December 15

I'm 38 wks & I just had mine stripped today. I am 2 1/2 cm & 80% effeced, 0 to +1 stationed. My dr said that labor normally begins within 72 hours of being stripped & recommended ALOT of s_x & walking to help things along. I have my fingers crossed...good luck to all.



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