STRIPPING MEMBRANES Posted In 3rd Trimester Also

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DWilson924 - July 11

Ok I am 99% positive this question has been asked 1,000,000 times but I cannot find a recent post about this so I am going to go ahead and ask. I just went for my weekly appointment last night ( I am 37 1/2 weeks with my first child) and my doctor said that my next appointment (July 17th) is going to be more aggressive because she is going to start to strip my membranes. My questions are, what does this process involve? Does it hurt? And what are the chances it will bring on labor? If it does bring on labor, how quickly does it happen? As of right now I am 1 - 2 cm dilated, I know my cervix has thinned out because I have a lot of mucus discharge (which I am told is from me thinning out), she just didn't tell me last night if I have and how much. And I have lost my mucus plug. So any information that can be provided to me would be greatly appreciated.


JillyBilly - July 11

Hi DWilson, Right now I'm 39+5. I was stripped at 37+6, I was 1 CM dialated and was still very thick. I bled afterwards quite a bit (which can be normal) I lost my plug that night. Last Thursday I woke with a bloody show. I'm still pregnant. I'm so anxious. I've tried many natural ways to induce but still nothing yet. I have contractions quite often although there is no regularity to them. I so hope that the stripping will work for you however know that it still may be a couple weeks before you deliver. Good Luck!


momofalmost3 - July 11

I've had it done once this pregnancy. I'm 29 weeks and one day. I lost the mucas plug within 12 hours. My last pregnancy I had it done THREE times. The first two I wasn't quite dilated enough. The third time I was 3 cm and it worked wonders..went into labor within two days. Very uncomfy but worth it!


DWilson924 - July 12

Thank you momofalmost3, I'm hoping it works wonders also because I am miserable. Since last night, I have had what feels like a constant cramp/pain in my lower stomach. I don't know if it's because my midwife upset something in there or what, but it hurts. Not to mention all the other normal pregnancy aches and pains. So keep your fingers crossed for me that it works and my little one is out with in 48 hours of having it done.



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