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lianne - May 24

hi ladies...i am suppose to be getting this done next week, and was wondering for those of you who have had it done if it was painful, and if it even helped you go into labor, or if it was a waste of time...i would love any feedback on this...thanks in advance.


Tanaja - May 24

To tell you the truth I actually though that having my cervix checked the week before was more painful than having my membranes stripped. Unfortunately it did nothing for me, I didn't even have a lot of contractions afterwards. My Dr. said it's kind of like if you're standing on a cliff and if you're ready this will push you over, and if you're not ready it's like you're standing 30 feet away from the edge and he's just giving me a slight nudge. I hope that helps, but no to answer your questions it does not hurt and I am a big baby when it comes to pain.


MamaKW10 - May 24

I have never heard of this until I started reading on this site. What do they actually do to you to strip your membranes? Do all doctors do this or do people ask for it to be done?


Tanaja - May 24

The Dr. goes inside and seperates the membranes from the uteran wall near the cervix. It basically does what sperm does........whatever the heck is in sperm that makes you contract.


Tanaja - May 24

I actually just told him that I was afraid that I was going to go over and he said that at 38 weeks that he could strip my membranes if I wanted. I think it's different with every Dr.


lianne - May 26

hi tanaja...thank you for getting back to me, it is nice to know that it didnt cause you any pain, i hope that it will be the same for me. take care, and i hope that it helped you become closer to being ready to deliver!!! good luck


Tanaja - May 26

Thanks but nothing yet, my due date is on Memorial day but she is no sooner coming today than 3 months ago it seems. I hope that it works for you.



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