Stripping Of Membranes

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Kim - October 31

What does stripping of the membranes mean?


Lynn - October 31

The doctor inserts one or two fingers up through the cervix opening & separates the bag of waters & membranes from the uterine wall. Sometimes it can help start labor sometimes it doesn't work at all.


Leah - November 2

I want to have a natural birth but I am reall tempted to have my membranes stripped at next doctor's visit. Is it dangerous for the baby at all?


Kim - November 2

I don't know to be honest. My doctor didn't even ask me if I wanted it done. He saw that I was very close to labor (between 3 and 4 cm), so he thought it would be safe to do it. If I don't go into labor by Monday, he is going to induce me. He said it may start labor within a couple of days, but it's been 2 days and I am not having any contractions.


Angela Petrocelli-Potts - November 2

I had my membranes stripped on Monday. i just feel alot of pressure and am very misrable. i went to the hospital becuase of the pressure and they sent me home


Karen - November 3

I had mine done yesterday afternoon. I was having all kinds of cramping and contractions all afternoon and evening. I thought I would be in active labor soon, but when I woke up at 12:30 it had slowed down a lot. I got up around 4:30 and Ive been having mild contractions, but not as many.


amanda - November 6

Well I had the stripping of my membranes done twice second time it worked my water broke and went into labor and now i have my beautful baby boy


mdk - November 6

I had mine done on Thurs., but nothing has happen as of yet. With my earlier pregnancies I had it done and went into labor that very same day.


Liss - November 7

Can you just ask them to do it at my next appt i will be 38 weeks is safe to ask her if i dont go into labor first?


amanda - November 7

i guess you can ask to have it done here they did it only was i was a couple days away from mt due date thats when they said it would be most effecive


kim j - November 7

well today is my due date and they stripped my membranes for the 3rd time. i am 70% effaced and dialated to almost a 3 and at a -2. he is not wanting to move down and i soooo ready to have him. they think is already 9 to 10 pounds.



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