Stripping Of The Membranes

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Kathie - January 24

BellaCatty, you also need to drink cranberry juice and eat black licorice, what a combo!! After your membranes get stripped grab a counter and get to a squatting position lightly push and hold for 10 seconds (do it about 5-6 times a day), I don't know why but this works, at least it did for me and several of my friends!


BellaCatty - January 25

Well i got my membrans stripped yesterday and really it didnt hurt at all, juss like having a pelic exam done it was quick, but i dont have any spotting, no show no nothing as i suspected.For all those ppl that it works for hats off to you cause well i aint counting my chickens before they hatch but i don't think that it is going to work for me. any suggestions please let me know....Thanks


Amanda - February 7

I am 40 Weeks as of yesterday. My Doctor stripped my membranes this morning. I have had some cramping and back pain. The procedure itself was like an extra long pelvic exam ( something we are all VERY used to im sure) I am set to be induced on Thursday Night....hopefully I wont make it!!!!!


Nikki - February 7

Update I had my membranes stripped a last time on January 23rd 40 weeks pregnant. That night I went into labor and had my wonderful daughter on wednesday the 25th... Stripping finally worked for me. Good luck ladies.


jeanamari - February 10

Congrats Nikki! I wish you all the best.


Misty - February 14

I am 39 weeks and i lost my plug about 2 weeks ago I had my membranes stripped yesterday and It immediately make me start cramping I had quite a bit of blood. It has all stopped now but when i go to the bathroom and i wipe i have a little bit of mucusy pink colored stuff coming out. does this mean labor is coming soon. will someone please help me!!! oh by the way I am 1 1/2 cm dilated and 50% effaced


Rosalind - February 14

If you are ready i say it doesn't hurt to try i had my daughter a week and a half after my membranes were stripped. i say go ahead and do it.


Nikki - February 14

Misty: does not mean labor is starting unfortunalty! I had to have mine stripped three times before I went into labor. You usually do cramp right away and/ or bleed after being stripped. The last time I was stripped in the am I went into labor at 7pm... A bloody show is normal from what the dr's told me. You could go into labor at any time or it may hold off! Good luck... hope it happens for you soon and is a great experience for you! :)


Angie in MI - February 20

I'm 36 weeks and my baby is measuring in the 90th percentile so they want to try to prevent a c-section which I'm greatful for. They are going to strip my membranes next week at 37 weeks. I'm scared to death. Its getting real now, I know that doesn't mean it will happen right away but there is a possibility. I'm scared too about the procedure but I honestly think it is best for the baby if she is in fact too big. What do you thinK? OH GOSH!


Nikki - February 20

Angie in MI I think you will be fine. The pain from stripping is bareable. Just wait until your contractions start getting 3 minutes apart and you will rather have the stripping haha! Good luck with everything. Sounds like you will be fine. 37 weeks is normal 37-41 is an average pregnancy! I hope everything works out I understand not wanting the C-section. Good luck


Kate - February 20

I had my membrains stripped with my first baby... nothing happened. My doctor did it twice -- and it didn't feel good. The second time, I went into labor 2 days later but I am not sure there was a connection because I was also past my due date and it may have just been the time to go into labor. ~ good luck.. it doesn't feel good but I would trust your doctor.


Kellie - March 20

do you have to be dialated to have your membranes stripped


azeleadr - March 23

Yes, you need to be dilated. I was at a less than a cm and the midwife was unable to get in at all. We had the procedure done this morning and to much of my surprise it did not hurt per say, it was more like a lot of pressure. I let her continue for a bit over a min. and we went from 1 cm to 2cm in about 30 seconds. She was able to reach into the cervix and feel the bag of waters, the baby's head, and his soft spot. We are 40 weeks tomorrow so we are hoping this helps move things along.


Melinda - March 31

I have had it done with my last baby..... it was not pleasent but it was better than the induction i had with my first. I am also booked for a "strip and Strech" on tuesday. Last time I had it I delivered within 12 hours... At first I had tighting and period like pains. becuase I was induced with the first i was not sure how it would all turn out..... sure enough by about 6 hours later I knew i was in labour and packed a bag and went to hospital. My son was born 4 hours later.... I hope the same thing happens this time except I will get there earlier in time for an epidural..... good luck.


elijahsmom - March 31

Yeah it hurts..! But try to relax your legs...keep them open and relaxed. I totally tensed up..and it made it just relax. I am still not in labor. I am also 2cm and %100effaced..a.nd still nothing. and I too lost my mucous plug not all at once..but a couple days came out in pieces..sorry gross but its reality!


angel777goddess - April 2

I have had 4 kids (ages 10,7,6,5) and had my membranes stripped with them all and within 24hrs after all of them I was in labor...I am not preg. with my fifth child and will do the same..hopefully this coming week.



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