Stripping Of The Membranes

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Rachel - January 18

I am 38+4 today.( january 18, 2004) I had my exam today. I also had my membranes stripped today. It did not hurt at all. I have not had any contractions like I have been the last couple days. I am keeping my fingers crossed.This is also my sencond child.


Lisa - January 19

Had it done with my first...not a big deal, will take sec and you won't even notice.


Lisa - January 19

My doctor stripped my membranes at 38 weeks and four days later my water broke and I had a great delivery. I couldn't even tell she had stripped my membranes because it didn't hurt at all and I never had bleeding or contractions until they gave me pitocin in the hospital.


Lisa - January 20

Hi I just had my membranes stripped today this is my second child. My first labor was fast and easy i went from 3-10 cm in a half hour and pushed for 15 min and my son was born. With this pregnancy I have had a lot of pressure and pain and my midwife stripped my membranes today so I hope something happens soon I am 39 weeks pregnant, 3 cm and 100%effaced.


Kimberly - January 21

Hi - I am going to be 39 weeks on Monday (January 24) - My doctor has stripped the membranes three times and still nothing! I find it quite painful but yet I have had him do it three times now. I have been dialated at a 2 and 80% effaced since about 37.5 weeks. The doctor keeps telling me how low the baby's head is and he can't believe I haven't gone into labor yet. While I do have contractions - noithing else I go back to the doctor on the 24th (If I don't have the baby by then) I will have them stripped again. I found it painful and the nurse was telling me that childbirth is actually not as painful (I a__sume as long as you have drugs) so if you want to endure some pain go for it otherwise wait. I must say, however, that although it hurts and I dread going to the doctor (twice a week) knowing what the doctor is going to do, I continue to let him perform the technique in hopes of having a baby!!!!


Jennifer - January 23

I am 38 weks, 80% effaced and 2cm dialated. My doc suggested stripping my membranes at my appointment this tuesday (1/25). I am concerned it will hurt though. Also, to some extent,I woould like to allow the little guy to just come when he is readt. My firt came after my water broke when I was 37 weeks, But I am getting to be so uncomfortable, then I think I am ready to have this baby.


sarah - January 28

I am 39 weeks pregnant now.I had my membranes stripped 2 days ago.I then lost my mucus plug the next day.I am 2cm and effaced at 50% still nothing. My husband and I are waiting.I would say that it is worth it to try to have your membranes stripped if you are uncomfortable.As for it being painful, surely you can handle the one minute of discomfort compared to hours of labor. Let your doctor know you are nervous about it and as them to walk you though it by telling you what they are exactely doing and warning you on when it may be alittle uncomfortable.So do what you feel is best for you.Not what others tell you.One way or the other that bundle of joy will come.


Monica - January 30

I would just wait until you were effaced more.. or until at least 39 weeks.. you may have a better chance of not tearing or having an episiotomy...


CC - February 11

I hit 39 weeks and have been 80% effaced at 4cm for two weeks - my doc stripped my membrains the week before which caused two days of false labor contractions 3 min apart but weak...she did it again 3 days ago and nothing but a lot of gewy brown stuff and occasionally heavy crampy contractions. I just read that if it works it works within 72 hours so that gives me until tomorrow at 3pm....


shana - February 11

what is stripping membranes exactly. Never heard of it til this web site


joan - February 22

are most women informed regarding the "stripping of their membranes?" why do doctors like to do this procedure if everything appears to progressing normally and healthy? i am 36 weeks and 4 days and the doctor did it without my permission. does anyone have any reasons for this?


aimee - March 13

im on baby no. 2cm and will be getting stripped in about 4 days.ill update you guys.i think my bloody show came out already but it doesnt look the same.this time its clear.hope this week is it!!!!


Brittany - March 21

I had my membranes stripped last friday on my 38 week mark. Boy was it painful! All I got from it was a little spotting and small labor contractions though. Hopefully we will strip them again on my next apt. and we will have this baby before my husband has to go back to Iraq.


maya - March 21

what does that mean


Stacey - March 22

I went to my doctor today, I'm 37/5 and was expecting to have my membranes stripped. She informed me she could not do it since I'm not dialated at all. I feel like this baby will never come out!


aimee - March 23

well its been a week since mine was bloody show came out...i dilated to three cm but thats it.All braxton hicks....gonna try to schedule induction on my duedate next agrivating.



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