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logansmom - February 27

I went to the doctor this morning and I am 38 weeks. She checked me and I was 1 1/2 cm dilated but cervix are still really thick. My doctor went ahead and stripped my membranes, whatever that means. I that doesn't work she is inducing me on March 8th. Has this extremely painful process worked for anyone else? I know that I just about passed out, because it hurt so bad because my cervix are really posterior she said. Anyone else have this problem?


liza1975 - February 28

it was painful uncomftable the rubber glove they wore made me sore i was suppose to be due 24 feb so they are going to induce me 6 marc h cant wait hopfully baby should be out by then good luck


julieB - March 1

I had it done 3 times.. the first and second time it hurt but not badly .. the third time it hurt terribly.. needless to say I gave birth about 3 days later.. I really dont think the stripping of the membranes worked, but I was happy to have something done to speed up the process... good luck ladies...


notsure? - March 1

Hi Logansmom, I just had my membranes stripped on February 27th. I almost pa__sed out myself because the pain was terrible. I am only 3 cm dilated and was due on the 26th. Stripping the membranes didn't do much for me at all. I have to go back to the doctor on teh 5th and at that time my water will be broken. Hopefully this works for me as I am tired....hope all goes well for you.


logansmom - March 1

It has not worked for me. But I am feeling ALOT of discomfort in my bottom area. And I am also having sharp piercing pains in my bottom. My back is absolutely killing me, my doctor had to put me on Ambien just so that I could sleep this last week but my back is ten times worse today than it has ever been, I cannot hardly walk. I am so ready for him to get here.


spamanda - March 4

first time it didn't work, second time (1 week later) i went in to the hospital the next night and had ds the following day. i think it only helps if you are close to ready. i was at 41 weeks 1 day when ds was born. mine didn't hurt, just sorta felt like a bad pap. i was 3 cm dialated though the 2nd time she did it and i bet that made a difference. good luck!


missycc4 - March 8

My sweep was yesterday. This morning I had some clear white stuff come out then this string like stuff. I believe it was some of my mucus plug. I'm being induced Tuesday but is there a chance I could go be4 that. I don't mind the induction but I would like to go natural.


gemini_star1983 - March 15

i had my membranes sweeped at 2.30pm and i delivered my beautiful babygirl at 6.10am the next day! so it worked for me!



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