Stripping The Membranes

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lauren - November 25

Has any one had their membranes stripped and does it work? im 39 weeks and the doctor wants to try this to make my labour staart, im hoping it will work...... ill let you know!


Stephanie - November 25

My doctor stretched my membranes twice (I'm 39 weeks also), but so far, no labor. Yeah, I'm in early labor, but no regular, strong contractions yet. I'm not sure if stretching is the same as stripping though. It was pretty uncomfortable, I can tell you that much!


J - November 28

My friend had hers stripped and she went into labor that night. Another lady I used to work with had them stripped and she went in five minutes and was not dialated at all.


lauren - November 28

thank you for your answers! im going to have this done tomorrow, hopefully it works, ill let you know....


Lynn - November 29

I had my doctor do this last tuesday & went into labor on thursday. I read a few studies that NIH did & they came to the conclusion that it may not induce labor immediately, but ther is a higher incidence of spontaneous labor within 5 days if done. It did not hurt me at all when he did it, kind of messy, take a pantiliner with you for after.


Victoria - December 14

I am 37 weeks, dilated to a 3 & my doctor just stripped my membranes today. I am hopping for labor tonight. Any suggestions? Thanks!


Kim - December 22

I had my membranes stripped today and I'm 37 weeks fully effaced and dilated to 4 and still no contractions, it was done 9 hours ago. maye somthing will happen soon


Ashley - December 24

I had mine stripped yesterday afternoon- still no labor. However I noticed some bleeding- but it was brownish blood- what is that about?


M. - December 24

I had mine stripped last Monday. It felt like a contraction when it was being done. Luckily my doc informed me of what she was doing and how it would feel so I took some deep breaths to relax myself. It was uncomfortable and hurt but I made it through. I am 38 weeks. Some bleeding is possible. I bled that afternoon a little and then 2 days later lost my mucus plug. So some bleeding and contractions are normal afterwards. Even the loss of the mucus plug like in my case. If the blood is bright red call the doctor. Or just to make your mind feel more at ease call them anyway if you are not sure. Good luck! And from what I have read on the internet after you have it done labor could occur within a few hours or not at all for a week or so. It just depends on your body and if the baby is ready to come out.



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