Swelling Blood Pressure

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Kim - August 19

I am 37 wks. I just started getting swelling in my legs and ankles. Thursday, my doctor said that my blood pressure was a little high, and today, it was even higher, 144/84. I was just wondering what everyone else had experienced during their last few weeks. I know that swelling is normal, but how much is too much swelling and blood pressure


C - August 20

My blood pressure kept spiking too and my swelling was terrible. I think I gained 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks due to swelling. I don't think 144/84 is that high for pregnancy. Mine was up to like 160/100. I think my doctor said they start worry and run tests once it's 150/90. I had a blood test and was admitted to the hospital 2 x's to make sure I didn't have toxemia. My doctor ended up inducing me (not fun!) 4 days past my due date because she was worried it would spike again. It did spike during labor so they made me lay on my side for hours until I could get an epidural. My advice for you is to TAKE IT EASY. Your blood pressure should go down if you lay down as much as possible.


T - August 20

I am 36 weeks and having the same thing. My blood pressure has been fine my whole pregnancy, But for about the past 2 weeks I started to notice my feet and ankles swelling which is normal during pregnancy. I went to Dr appt on Mon(the 15th) and my blood pressure was fine. But by Fri the swelling was getting worse and putting my feet up wasn't helping much. So I had my blood pressure taken and it was 144/96 so I was a little scared and I called my Dr. and they said if I start to get a headache or blurry/spotty vision to go to up to labor and delivery at my hospital(i guess cause it's the weekend). and they told me to come in Mon morning and originally I wasn't supposed to go till Tue(the 30th). So I hope everything is okay. I've just been resting and taking it easy.


Leanne - August 20

Hi, my feet and ankles have well and truly ballooned over the past 2 weeks, although my blood pressure was fine last week. One foot is worse than the other and it's that bad I can't get my shoe on ! I think you're midwife will have detected anything serious from your weekly urine sample. Good Luck and not long left hopefully the swelling (hopefully I will go into labour this week) !


Liz - August 20

I'm 38 weeks and I have PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension). My blood pressure started going up since the middle of my pregancy. My hands, feet, and ankles swell up alot. I was admitted once for the high blood pressure and was sent home the next day. Another time at home I was having BH contractions and my blood pressure spiked to 162/108 so I went to the hospital to make sure it wasn't toxemia. So far so good but I do get major swelling in my ankles and my bp usually is 130's or 140's over 90's but sometimes higher. I'll be getting induced Friday (if the baby doesn't come out earlier) because they don't want it to turn into toxemia. I've only been getting worse. They have me doing weekly biophysical profiles to check on the baby since about 32 or 33 weeks and I've had to do four 24hr urine collections so they can look for protein which I have to collect every drop of urine I excrete in a 24 hr period. They have me on bedrest, told me not to eat alot of sodium, elevate my feet, and take my blood pressure 2 times or more a day, and it's not fun, it's quite boring laying down all day. I haven't had any headaches, blurry vision, or all those other symptoms they want PIH patients to look out for. It's not too bad only frustrating. I just can't wait until my baby is out so I don't have to worry about all of this anymore.


Kim - August 20

Well, I took my blood pressure again today, and it was 155/97. I talked to the "On Call" doctor, and he said that they usually start to worry if it is ?/105. I worked all day today, so I am sure that is what made it higher. He said that I need to cut back on work, and possibly do bed rest if it keeps going up. C: I, too, have gained 10 lbs in ONE week due to swelling. I was doing so good until now, lol. Only 3 wks to go. Anyway, thanks everyone for your feed back. I will let you know what happens.



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