Swollen Ankles Sign Of Early Labor

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KellynJ - July 3

I read somewhere if you have swollen feet and ankes its a sign labor is right around the corner.. anyone else hear this?


Soontobemom - July 3

Nope, I have had adema for the last month and no baby yet.. alothough getting closer to due date. It is just an unconfy thing about the last 2 months I think. Never heard it was an indication of anything other than water gain.


piratesmermaid - July 3

I haven't heard that it is a sign, though it would be nice if it was! I've had swollen ankles and feet for a while, but I could always get it to go away. This morning when I got out of bed, my ankles and feet and toes were STILL swollen and that's never happened before. I've always had perfectly normal human feet when I woke up, even though I go to bed with ogre feet and sausage toes.


starr - July 4

I don't think swollen feet and ankles is a sign of labor b/c my feet,ankles and legs were very swollen for about the last 2 months or so of my pregnancy so I think it's just something that happens.I also had severe swelling after I gave birth and that lasted for about 2wks.I could barely walk.Good Luck


KellynJ - July 5

some women told me this because she looked at my feet and freaked out, saying you should be close to a hospital labor should be coming, im like.. okay... I didnt think so.


piratesmermaid - July 5

Isn't crazy what people come up with? Everybody has their own idea in regards to pregnancy and labor.


duejuly25th - July 5

no having your feet or ankles swell is normal during pregnancy. Especially toward the end. Your body is not used to corrying so much weight. try putting them up or walking around for about 5 min.


Kspa - July 21

It actually can be a sign of impending labor. I read that once your progesterone drops (the very beginning of labor), the estrogen is more dominant and this causes more swelling (just like before you get your period). This is what happens after the hormones are triggered to begin the labor process. If you have swelling that won't go away (especially first thing in the morning), labor could be around the corner. I think it's hard for some women to tell when this happens b/c they have had swelling for months prior.


Erin1979 - July 21

If that was the case for me, I would have delivered at 20 weeks with my first baby!! I was so swollen I couldn't wear any of my shoes. I don't think it's a sign of labour.



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