Tail Bone Information Please

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mamabear1642 - June 3

Even since about 8 wks pregnant I've been having lower back & tail bone pains, now that I'm 37/38 wks pregnant it's much more intense. I tried going on walks during this pregnancy & after 10 minutes of walking my tail bone is super sore & I can't hardly walk or sit for almost 2 whole days without crying. Does anyone know about the chances of your tail bone breaking during labor? Or know where I can find information about it? Thanks- Kara


J - June 3

My tailbone started hurting early in pregnancy too. During labour it was pretty sure the baby was facing up and I had terrible back labour. I thought my tailbone was breaking but now 8 months later it doesn't usually bother me.


falafal0 - June 7

I've always had back labours and with my last baby I could barely stand for more than ten minutes without cringing. I was awful - he broke my coxycc bone while giving birth to her and I haven't been the same since. I expected pain with this pregnancy but now that it's started I'm hating life. THe only thing that has helped me has been a special pillow that has the back cut out of it to stop the pressure on the bone, ad heated wheat packs. If you can sit forward off the bone while sitting down (which gets harder as you are big now because you lean on the baby!) and simply stay off your feet if posible, lie down. I also get very sharp stabbing pains now, I didn't last time. I'm concerned tha the tailbone will affect this abour somehow and make it more difficult. I am going to see a physiotherapist to see of they can hel - maybe you could try that? You are almost at the end, and believe me, one the baby is out, the relief is enourmous and it does get better, even if it takes awhile. I was strapped up for a couple f months after my daughters birth, but didn't wear it as often as I should because it was so uncomfortable and was more restrictive than the pain of not wearing it...Just do what you have to do to ease the pain and as for finding info on it, there's a bit of it on the web, just hasve to search for what you want in particular. I'm planning on definately NOT lying on my back or putting any pressure on the tailbone, so fnd a good position that will surely help things..Good luck...



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