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SUSAN - January 13



............ - January 15

I've hear you really shouldn't get them because you can go into shock or something, but I got one when I was 4 months pregnant! They couldn't tell I was pregnant, and I didn't offer out the info. I can see why they would think you could go into shock though, my friend got tattooed right before me and she sweated SO MUCH during her tattoo and it was air conditioned in there! It didn't effect me like that, I guess I'm just lucky!


baby blue - January 17

any tattooist that will tattoo a pregnant woman knowingly is not a tattooist you want to go to! it's different if they are not aware of course but as a mother you must remember the ink does get into your bloodstrem, your bloodstream feeds your unborn baby. Would you smoke during pregnancy? Would you go out drinking during pregnancy? hopefully not so you don't want to put the baby at risk for the sake of body art- however small the risk may be. I have 2 tattoos myself so I know what it's like when you get the urge to have one done but try to remind yourself it'll be better for you and baby to wait and you don't wanna spend money getting a tattoo that will stretch and fade in a matter of months do you? get one when you can let it heal without stretch marks! good luck babes, I'm sure it'll look great when you finally do have it done. try doing a google search for advice from local tattooists, it might help. Good luck with your little ray of sunshine too xxx


sarah - January 17

well Susan, I wondered about getting a tattoo for a long time before I finally got around to it. i was not pregnant but I did worry over how pregnancy would affect it (distorting it and maybe changing the colours or something). I found an excellent site on the internet which just answers pretty much every tattoo question I could come up with! the only thing it couldn't help me with was what to have designed on me, that took about 2 yrs to decide cos i kept changing my mind. eventually I picked a heart with fairy wings (girlie but timeless and not as tacky as my rough description suggests). Anyway, go to www.malutattoo.com/FAQ.htm it is so worth looking at before you decide. good luck and let me know what you think after you've visited that site it really is so useful and not at all intimidating. xx


Lisa - January 19

No, it's fine as long as you make sure your needles are new and steril. Actually the more stretched you skin is the better it will turn out cause the ink will be darkest.


keasha - July 14



Cindi - July 15

Most artists I know WONT tattoo a woman they know is pregnant. I turned out to be pregnant when I got my last one, but didn't know at the time. It's not something that I would take a chance on.



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