Tearing EEK

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Bilmes123 - August 25

All I have been hearing from my friends is your va___a is going to rip...just thinking about it freaks the h__l out of me...I don't know if they are trying to scare me or just let me know because I didn't know this could happen...I just found out about a month ago and it is all I could think about.


cherryzz08 - August 25

It may happen, or it might now. They may give you an episiotomy if the baby seems to be to big. Many care providers have also found it easier to repair a tear than an episiotomy since tears occur around tissue fibers, rather than a cut straight through fibers. In general, tears also heal better than episiotomies. There are some things your care provider can do to prevent tearing as your baby crowns. 1) Use perineal ma__sage. Perineal ma__sage is exactly what it sounds like; it's ma__sage of the perineum as the baby crowns, to help promote stretching. Usually it's done by the doctor, nurse or midwife. It can also give women with an epidural the spot to focus their pushing on. Some care providers recommend doing perineal ma__sage in the weeks before childbirth to help with blood flow to the perineum. Check with your care provider to see if they recommend this. 2) Try warm compresses. Warm compresses pressed to the v____al area during late pushing can also help prevent tearing. Many women without epidurals claim that this helps with any pain or burning as the perineum stretches. Talk to your care provider to see if they are willing to do this for your birth.


kdmsmom - August 26

It would be quite rare for your actual v____a to tear. However, often times the perineum can tear during delivery. The deal is, if in fact it looks as if you might tear, your doctor will usually cut a small area to allow more room for the baby and then st_tch it up afterwards to make sure tearing is minimal. A straight cut is much easier to heal than a jagged one caused by tearing. I have had both situations. It's sore, but if you are careful not to rip the st_tches, then it heals up and all is well in no time. However, more and more doctors are able to deliver the baby without any tearing or cutting. It kind of depends on your own situation. Some people believe that if you stretch and ma__sage that area daily before the birth, it will be much easier to deliver.


alirenee86 - August 27

It certainly possible you may tear. You may not. No way to tell, all I can tell you is this. I had my first last November and am a pretty slim woman and would've worried about this too. I tore and needed a single st_tch BUT didn't feel a single ounce of pain in terms of it tearing. What I remember very clearly is the pain from the contractions. When it was time to push, all I cared about was the baby coming out and don'/t remember the pushing or coming out or tearing at all. By that time, you're relived he/she is comning out and so you'll be fine IF that even happens. HOWEVER, AFTER the labor for about 10 good days, from the tear or st_tch, it STUNG whenever I had to pee like it was razor blades down there. Holy cow. I would've never imagined. Lots of witch hazel pads helped. But 10 days. It's all temporary. It's like nothing happened down there:) You'll be fine. When the time comes, you may need an episiotomy! There's just no way of knowing so try not to worry about that- that is the least of it:)


alirenee86 - August 27

Oh, and I remember them putting the single st_tch in down there from the tear afterwards and that being the most annoying of it all. Aftter a 7.8 pound baby just coming out, I felt done and didn't feel like being poked by a needle for the necessary st_tch! But again, those are such minor things...


lunamoo - August 29

If you can avoid interventions such as picotin, oxytocin and the like and an epidural you will greatly reduce your chances of an at least bad tear if a tear at all.





Bilmes123 - August 30

Well, I'm not worried about the pain...I'm worried about what my v____a will look like after haha. Also the healing and how long you have to wait till you can have s_x again....also the thought of it gives me the chills


wv_red - September 2

Bilmes, lol your worried how it will look huh. Ok well I had 4th degree tears along the perineum and along tore sideways on the v____a. Big baby, no time for episiotomy. The healing process for the tears is a little longer but everything looks back to normal down there except you can see where I tore. If you do happen to tear use a sitz bath and then there is this spray everyone is talking about now. I wish I would of had it 3 months ago thats for sure!!! Good luck. But everything adventually goes back to normal.


wv_red - September 2

Oh had s_x at 5 wks PP and it was painful, just make sure he does not get behind you for a while!!! But now back to reg s_x life at 3 months PP


bellybubble - September 4

Its different for everyone! Dont listen to people trying to freak you out - I was worried too - I had my first bub a month ago via vacuum delivery (which is meant to actually cause more tearing) and I only got a little tear that didnt even need st_tches and was healed within 2 weeks. I dont know if this helped me or not but I did do the perineal stretching in the shower a couple of weeks before my due date? I thought it wouldnt hurt haha. Just ask your midwife or doc about it. Good luck!


Carly XxX - September 6

Hey te worst thing you can do is listen to other people's "horror stories" regarding labour. some people tear and some people don't. the best thing is to trust your body, it knos what it's doing! i had to have an episiotomy with my daughter and didnt feel a thing as i had an epidural and they topped it up right before. i wont tell you it isnt uncomfortable after because it is but as long as it is kept clean it will heel and will start to feel normal again. to be honest when you are in labour you will be thinking about your child so just try and take it easy for the rest of your pregnancy and trust your body to do what it has to, good luck, keep us updated x


Jlips - September 8

Hi Bilmes, Try to do preneal ma__sage 6-10 weeks before your due date. This will help stretch the delicate muscles and skin. Plus it helps you recognize the sensation and remain relaxed as possible. This worked for me. I had my first little in July ...all natural and it was the most riveting experience I have ever had. I also suggest hypnobirthing method-I absolutely loved it! I loved my birth and wish I could re-live it. No tears, held my baby for her first 1 1/2 hour of her life outside in the world and walking around when they started her exam after that time frame.



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