Terrified Of Epidural

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J - October 7

I am 15 weeks pregnant and think about the pain of labor constantly. I am so terrified of an epidural, the thought of that needle going in my spine and the pain of it scares me to death. I had meningitis a few years ago in college and i refused to let the doctor give me a spinal tap b/c it scared me too much,( I was treated early w/ IV antibiotics so I was ok). Has anyone else had this extreme fear and went on to have an epidural or used other pain meds b/c of it????


sian - October 8

iam terrified of needles also and had decided there was no way i was ever going to have an epidural (with my 1st pregnancy)but when the time came i ended up having an epidural and honest to god i did not feel the needle go in at all.i guess it probably a case of that the pain from labour is so bad that it over rides the pain of the needle?the only thing stopping me from having another epidural this time is that i had natural with my second daughter and the recovery was soooo much better and quicker.im 38 weeks now,im not going to completely rule it out this time but i can say that iam no longer scared of the needle! goodluck!


J - October 8

The thing is, i am nor scared of having a needle put anywhere else in my body,just the thought of it going in my spine freaks me out!


Barb - October 8

J...just like sain said...you won't even give it a second thought when you're in labor. Sure, the thought of a needle in your back makes anyone say "ouch!"...but you are in such labor pain that you don't even know what they're doing until they say "ok...you're all set" :) They don't actually go into your spine...hope that helps :)


Ashlie - October 9

I was terrified of an epidural and all the horror stories i heard about them but when it came time I didnt feel a thing, I was more worried about controling my contraction when I was getting it that it didnt even bother me, the only thing I felt was coldness. You will be okay, trust me, after you have it done, you will be very thankful.


TC - October 9

I agree with everyone. I thought that it was going to be extremely painful and that I was not going to be able to be still and was going to be paralyzed. But when the time came, I was perfectly still, even through the labor pains that were coming every minute. After I got the epidural it was complete satisfaction. I was able to sleep for a few hours, and that was needed.


Olivia - October 9

I think in the last few weeks of pregnancy and when labor finally does hit, any fears of more pain suddenly vanish. I was TERRIFIED of having an epidural, but I ended up doing it too. I was SO SO SO happy afterward though. The experience was much better after that!


Liz - October 9

To me, the epidural hurt less than a bee sting. It's just like any other tiny shot except for a little bit of tingling. The shot was a godsend compared to the labor pains.



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