Terrified Of Pain And The Unknown

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mandee25 - June 10

I am 17 weeks pregnant and I am T E R R I F I E D of a long hard labour. I hate pain as much as anybody and want to know how many of you ladies that have already had babies got through it without losing your mind? lol


numba1cutie6t9 - June 11

I just had my little one a month ago and seriously didnt think it was as bad as I thought it would be. I was ready for another the next day lol


starr - June 12

For me, it was really not that bad. I won't sit here and say that I was pain free but you have to remember that it only lasts for maybe a few hours then it is only a memory.Some get through it with only minimal pain.I'm on baby #3 and I think it is the thought of not knowing how labor will go that gets us all anxious and worried.Hope for the best.Good Luck.


djh - June 12

My friend felt as you do and the baby shows didn't help, they seemed to focus on women who are more vocal in general (understandable!) so don't watch them anymore if you do! Anyhow, she decided she was going to arm herself with as many tools as possible to find which ones helped for her particular labor. The one that worked the best for her was a DVD of hypno-birthing. You are not really hypnotized per se, but it teaches you how to disengage your mind from the peak of the contractions but still be aware of what your body needs to be doing. I am not explaining that exactly correct, but you get the idea. I never thought much of it until I watched her have a glorious labor and delivery...even though she was in labor for about 16 hours she seemed SO in control and when she got the epidural she slept between contractions and laughed and joked with everyone. Seek out those people and while you shouldn't disregard women who tell of difficult labors (as they do exist) you should focus on ways to equip yourself with effective coping strategies. My sister used a beautiful painting she did herself, took it to the hospital and had it positioned on the wall at the foot of her bed. It was of Cape Cod and she painted it while sitting on the actual beach. She said focusing on it during a contraction took her back to that day, the sun, the feel of the warm sand under her feet, the breeze and the smells. Also, she was so at peace that day and the memory carried her through fairly well. Best of luck to you and I wish you a speedy, comfortable labor and delivery and a magnificent baby!


ashley - June 12

trust me if the pain gets that bad, you'll be opened arms to the idea of getting an epidural which takes the pain away. If you are scared to get an epidural. This time around I already told the doc I WANT AN EPIDURAL as soon as I can have it... like the minute I come to the hospital. I almost had my entire labor last time with out intervention. I got a wopping 1.5 hours of relief out of the 20 I was in labor. My contractions came on gradually, not all of a sudden WHAMO so you'll have time to adjust. Its not pain of the unknown. The best way I can describe it is like menstral cramps and diarrhea cramps just a lot worse.


Been There - June 12

Well, the first thing you need to do is remember that there is no turning back now. So, try to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that there will be pain. Also remember that it will be over and can't last forever. And you most certainly can ask for pain relief if you want it. Yes, I got through two already without losing my mind. It can be done and you can do it. Now is the time to work on your courage and you'll see that being mentally prepared is half the battle.


mandee25 - June 14

Wow thanks girls for your comments. It's true that I can't turn back now and I will make it through somehow. This is my first baby however and everything is so new to me! Thank you djh for the best wishes!


babysoon - June 14

Seriously, relax. I say that because I read that women who stress out about labor and fear it so, are the ones who bring more pain upon themselves. You will have a more difficult labor if you stress out about it like this. So relax and remember there are drugs they can give you to ease the pain. They don't want to see you in pain, it's not torture, it's a hospital or wherever you're going. good luck!


KLT - June 14

Do the epidurals hurt?? I heard it feels like a bee sting going in. I'm sure the other pains we'll have to go thru will be worse compared to the bee sting, but still...like Mandee25 said..its the fear of the unknown. I am just as nervous and am trying to not think about it so much but its hard! Thinking of the pain, the fact that i've got to leave my inhibitions at the door, the fact that I may c___p myself, even down to the simple fact that I can't wear my contacts during labor (does anyone know why this is so??). I'm there with you mandee25!!!


numba1cutie6t9 - June 14

KLT once ur in labor NONE of that will matter. THe little embarresing things that happen(pooping on the table) arnt even an issue and my IV hurt worse than my epidural. After being in labor for a while you'll be willing to go through getting it to get some releif. Its really not bad at all.


nanny - June 14

Hi all, I was really worried about an epidural but after 9 hours using breathing and tenns machine, the pain got too much and so didn't think twice about having one. My only advice is dont wait until you cant cope before asking for one as you could be waiting an hour for one to be done if they are busy... I also thought the IV hurt more than the epidural. My baby was back to back and so I had bad back pain as well as labour pains and as soon as the epidural kicked in it was wonderful, dont worry about labour as each one is so different and when you are in labour you will cope automatically, good luck to all it is worth it in the end x


mandee25 - June 18

My friend said the worst thing she went through while giving birth to her first baby was getting the IV put in as she was induced. She felt the stinging sensation as he was coming out too and she is a really spleeny person so it can't be that bad. She also said the epidural didn't bother her at all to get it put in.


Bonnie - June 19

I also think the IV hurt way mroe than the epidural. I was TERRIFIED of labor and it was NO where near as bad as I thought. When it started to hurt pretty bad I got an epidural which was heaven. It didn;t work the first time so they had to redo it. No biggie. Plus it wore off twice (very unusual), but it wore off gradually and they just upped the drip for me. You can get the epidural whenever you want. I cried when I left the hospital as I wanted to experience it again, lol.



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