Terrified Pls Help

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sarah - October 25

im 27 weeks gone now and although im ;looking forward to holding my baby for the first time im absolutly terrified of labour and birth can anybody give me any advice or ideas on what to expect as this is my first baby and im scared


jessie - October 25

I was 18 years old when i had my first child. I was terrified beyond belief. I am now 38 weeks pregnant with my third. All I can say is that its not as bad as everyone leads you to believe. Yes it hurts like hell but the second that the baby is out it is like a light switch shut off the pain. all you can think about is that little baby that you just brought into the world. The fear of the unknown is the worst part so just educate yourself as much as possible about the birthing process and labor. it may not seem like alot but it is. Oh yea the worst part is the episiotomy healing afterward!!! LOL I hope that I helped you in some small way. Good luck


krystal - October 25

I was fifteen when i had my daughter. When i found out that i was preggy all that i could think of was labor. I was scared to death. Then by the last month i was sooo umcomfortable and big all i could do was pray for labor. I had to be induced and she was 9lbs 6ozs. it's true though after it's all over with you don't even remember the pain.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

I remember the pain, but I will do it again in a heartbeat. My first is 2 mos old. I had no drugs at all. The anticipation is worse than actual labor. I was so miserable at the end of the pregnancy I could not wait for labor. Then he was 6 days late. That was horrible!


kay - October 29

try not to think about an remember its got to come out one way or another!


lisa - October 29

rachael is right, im 7 days overdue and am over worrying about the pain, bring it on i want this baby out my belly!!


mandy - October 30

try not to worry although you probably will with it being your first baby you just do not know what to expect but for me it was painful but did not stop me from having another baby just 2 weeks ago but like you i was scared the 1st time but a least 2nd time knew what to expect. I hope everything goes well and its not as bad as you expect.


Kris Sharp - October 31

I was afraid with my first but that was 13 years ago. My 2 year old was alot easier. They now have different methods of pain relief to help you when your labor starts. I would just try to relax and let nature take it's course. Both of you will be fine. The drugs that I mentioned are the best and you can't feel anything through the labor and birthing process. I hope you well.



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