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courtney - January 4

hi everyone!!! im gettin ready to have my baby!!! if not by the 12th, then im being induced. does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of the flab afterwards? is it even possible without plastic surgery?? ANY advice will be appreciated!! thanx so much!!


bellaluna77 - January 4

After my last pregnancy I drank tons of water and I bought a great video called fit mama postnatal workout. I also did pilates. It worked great. and there are even some excercises on the video for baby. Good luck. Hope you enjoy this video. It is great. I am 34 weeks and plan on using it again after my little one is born.


agtemt - January 4

I'm not able to do alot of working out because of a heart condition, but just keeping a normal rate of activity helped. Also lots of watereating right and b___st feeding. My doc says that b___stfeeding helps release horomones that help your uterus shrink back faster and helps you to loose the extra baby fat


courtney - January 5

thank u so much!! im gonna go find that video right now!! i weighed 125 before i got, now i weigh 180. dont plan on gaining very much more given im having my baby in a week at the most!! it seems like it all went straight to my belly...i look like i have a bball in my shirt. i do plan on b___st feeding as well. i just think im gonna be helpless w/out a tummy tuck bc of how stretched my skin is. so there is hope eventhough ive gotten so big??


shelbi - January 5

well.. if you have stretchmarks, most likely, they're not going anywhere. the only way to remove that extra skin is w/ a tummy tuck. (sorry, i just saw your last post.. but yeah, just confirming that! LOL) b___stfeeding will help you lose weight faster though!


good grief - January 5

No, you don't necessarily have to have a tummy tuck! How old are you? Sometimes being younger gives you an upper hand as far as elasticity. Keep your skin hydrated, and drink lots of water. You will have to exercise....alot - but it is possible in several cases, to get rid of it.


courtney - January 5

im 18, so im young! thanx good grief! there is no way in hell i would have money for a tummy tuck, and even if i did, thats the last thing i would spend 5 grand on! ill just keep using moisturizer, and drink water. im gonna get that video too for sure!! thanx ladies!


S - January 6

To courtney, I just had my babygirl in September. I'm 28. My belly is not that flabby. After my uterus went back down my belly is pretty much back to normal. I have been drinking lots of water and walking some and the muscle tone is not there like it used to be but all i need to do is a few crunches a night to get that back. Don't worry, with a little work and willpower you will get there again and it shouldn't take long! I didn't get any stretch marks either.


Crys - January 6

No worries it is very realistic to lose your baby belly. Many women do it, you just have to comitt yourself & some people are not willing to do the excercise/eating discipline.... Mind you, ladies who go through a C-section also have a special circ_mstance because their belly muscles are being cut which can lead most of those ladies to never quite be able to shed that tiny little bulge.... My Mama had to go in for surgery many years later for an unrelated reason & learned that Dr's generally do not restich those muscles [well at least in Canada] because they consider it cosmetic surgery to restich [can you believe that?!?!] anywho, on a note of encouragement though, After my daughter I was able to not only lose the belly but I actually got into the best shape of my life. It didn't happen overnight, but still we can do it if we're determined & willing to maintain it. Funny enough just making healthier food choices, smaller portions & playing with my Daughter were the 'secret' for me. I was shocked that just by chasing her around, pushing her on her riding toy [that was the best exercise in the world!!!] I couldn't risk her fallng off so I had to bend over to hold her feet up on the front of the toy & use my arms as guard rails for her all while running her around [on the toy] in the house... I had to start off slowly almost walking & only around 1 or 2 times... but before I knew it I was in great shape & litterally running her around until I couldn't catch my breath.... hope this helps... good luck!


courtney - January 6

i feel sooo much better!!! i was stressin about it! how about the post natat workout videos?? do yall recommend that as well?


Sharon - January 7

Definately b___stfeed,i lost mine in a couple of months.


s - January 9

to Sharon....I b___stfed also, and it came off really fast during that time. I was losing weight like crazy!


Gwendolyn - January 9

Breastfeeding uses up a lot of calories and helps the uterus schrink. You should not be dieting, though, while you are b___stfeeding - just eat normal portions/healthy food. If - like me - you don't have the discipline for workouts, take the baby for daily walks outside, go swimming or do something physical with the baby that you enjoy (gardening, window shopping, inline-skating etc.). That's what I did in summer and in 4 months my belly was back to its prepregnancy shape. Six months after birth its safe to start jogging again. If - after ending b___stfeeding - you still have too much flab around the belly, you'll have to cut down on food intake and exercise your stomach muscles on a regular basis. Unfortunately, it's hard to get back a stomach as flat as a board. Although I've seen a few hip types (young moms with low-cut jeans and belly rings) that managed it somehow.


Channy - January 9

hey courtney, i was 124lbs before i was pregnant and weight about 188-190lbs..from what ive been told..drink LOTS of water! and do some crunches every nights too.


izzy1052 - January 10

i went from 245 to 210 during preg. will the weight still come off easy after labor??


courtney - January 10

well ive got the upper hand with swimming. i love it, and have a pool in the back. i also live in texas and could probably go swimming tomorrow if i wasnt so d__n lazy. its gonna be beautiful here outside from now on, so i will be doing lots of walkin with my baby girl. so my plan is, im going to b___st feed, drink lots of water, use a moisturizer(i have a GOOD one) im gonna get the post natal workout videos, walk like crazy, eat healthy and normal portions, and HOPEFULLY look like what i used to!! we'll see! u guys helped me alot ALOT!! thanx a bunch!!!


bethany - January 16

during the healing process after delivery you can do kegel exercises and heres a move that worked really good even when i wasnt pregnant - lay on your back with your feet straight up in the air and lift your bottom up and flex your abs. this works that lower tummy where the pouch is! i hope its not true that the kangaroo pouch stays forever. one of my biggest worries is getting back into shape and being attractive even after having a child =(



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