The Baby Drop

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Shana - February 4

Will my doctor know when my baby drops, Ive been told by several people that it looks like my baby has droped. I dont know the only difference I feel lately is the fact it is harder to bend over then it was a week ago. I am 35 weeks pregnant is that to soon for the baby to drop?


boo - February 6

your doctor should know, when is your next visit?


shana - February 6

I go on tuesday i just wanted to know now. I know it is a sill question, but does anyone know if there is an approxamate time after the baby drops that you go into labor? I know everyone is different and the baby comes when it wants, but what is most seen in pregnancy?


prego4ever - February 6

my doc told me last week my baby droped at 37weeks prego


KM - February 7

Your doctor can tell you. Also, you may have pains down there a bit fromt he pressure, you will have to pee more frequently, and you will find it easier to breathe because baby wont be pressed up against your diaphram so may not notice the drop, but the doc can tell by feeling. The baby can drop anytime before labour,mine was engaged at like 7 mnths..There is no way to tell how long after labour will start, there isnt really any relation.Also, in subsequent pregnancies, the baby may not even drop until you are actually in labour


shana - February 9

thanks guys, went to doc, the baby hasnt fully dropped yet shell let me know in case i dont notice. but she gave me permission to go in labor any time i want they wont try to stop it. Yes !! 36weeks


Rene - February 9

When your baby drops you will feel lots of pressure in your pelvis area and breathe alot better.


shana - February 11

my problem is ive gained plenty of weight but i was 125lb before i got pregnant, and i work construction so alot of it was mussel and so as my doctor put it I am all baby and what the baby needs to live so I have never really had a problem with breathing except for normal astma (which i have) Every time now when i drink somthing i have to pee imediately. I dont know everyone tells me it looks like ive dropped. So i dont know? Im just impatient I guess!!!


Tonya - February 19

You sound very anxious Shana. That is very normal. I am willing to bet that you will be peeing like crazy from this point on. You may even have some increased pressure in the pelvic area when you do. Some women feel that they have emptied their bladder and lean slightly forward on the toilet to find that they are peeing again. it's all normal. Keep drinking those fluids!! Good job. As far as the weight, most women come out of the hospital 12-15 punds lighter on average. If you b___st feed, more will come off faster. Remember, it took this long to put the weight on, so don't expect it to fall off over night. Ands most of all, don't compare yourself to other women. We are all different and by comparing yourself, you may disappoint yourself. I'm sure you will be just fine and look just as great as you did before you were pregnant. Running after little ones should keep us all in shape :)!!


Linda - March 11

im 37 weeks pregnant and my baby has dropped you can just tell you will find your breathing a lot easier,and will feel more heavy down in your pelvis,my doc says even no the baby is fully engaged i will probably still carry to term....hope this helps....


laura - September 26

what happens when my baby drops


nic - February 16

i what to no can you fell your baby drop



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