The Contractions Just Disapeared Please Help

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LollyM - July 16

at 4 am this morning I was sleeping when suddenly I got a horribly painful contraction that woke me up! I felt like I had to go to the bathroom and sat on the toilet and had another contraction shortly after and some pain that felt like really bad gas pains and then another contraction. I felt like I was going to vomit but didn't and went back to bed to lie down. about 8 minutes later I had another one of these horrible contractions that sent me back to the bathroom and this time I had diarrhea followed by more contractions and allot of pain. I thought I was going to die! I really thought that this must be labor, it hurt so bad. I finally came back to bed to lie down again and proceeded to have contractions and really bad back pain for another 2 1/2 hours. Then, they just went away and I fell asleep! Now I am having back pain again but no painful contractions, only BH. I can't believe the contractions just went away like that! has this happened to other people too or am I just the one who got cheated out of labor? =( How much longer do I have to play this guessing game! sorry, I'm a little frustrated =/


Mellissa - July 16

yeah, that happened to me around 38 weeks..right after my midwife stripped my membranes. i was having regular contractions 10 minutes apart, but after 25 hours they stopped!!! it was crazy!! maybe it's just our body's way of preparing us? i have 4 days left till my due date..what about you?


LollyM - July 16

I'm 37 weeks so I still have some time until my due date arrives. I can't believe you had the contractions for 25 hours! That must have been so frustrating! I've been having contractions every 10 to 15 minutes for the past 3 hours but they aren't very strong =/


Mellissa - July 16

yeah, some of mine weren't strong, but when i would walk they'd get a little more intense. i am planning on going to labor and delivery once my contractions reach 3-5 minutes i knew i wouldn't be going during that time. the only thing i worried about was whether or not having them for that duration would cause the baby stress. but i called l&d and they a__sured me the baby would be fine.. and he's moving up a storm, so i know they're right. keep an eye on your back pain though. if it gets too bad i would call your dr. my sister had bad back labor with her first and didn't even feel contractions, she just went in because her back was hurting her so bad and they told her she was already 5 cm dilated!!!


momofalmost3 - July 17

It sucks doesn't it? I am due in 45 min LOL.. no really I am ! On the 17th, and last Monday I had contractions ALL night long, then they stopped in the morning. Same thing happened Weds. I was so ticked. I thought for sure I was in labor both times darn it! I think it's our body getting ready for birth?


KLT - July 17

So how do you know not to call the doctor? I would think something is wrong with me if I experienced what you did LollyM... now i'm freaking out..


LollyM - July 19

I did call, and the dr said to come in when the contractions were 5 min or less apart. so on sunday evening they were and I went in but my cervix wasn't dilated. went in on monday and today also! I had contractions 5 min or less apart for 48 hours and still no baby =( the doctor says that my body is warming up for labor and to have lots of s_x/ spicy food. Melissa, now I know how you felt!!!


LollyM - July 19

sorry, I mean, it was dilated 1 cm but that is the same as I've been. =/


KLT - July 19

I keep hearing about doctors telling women to go home and have s_x and eat spicy food to get things going...but hell, I have zero interest in s_x..and as much as i love spicy food, the baby doesn't! Keep us posted on how things turn out for you!


LollyM - July 21

I'm starting to think that the Dr. was just telling me to have s_x and eat spicy food so that I will have something to do to take my mind off the uncomfortable contractions! lol. I am still having them, and now I have heart burn too from all the mexican food. S_x today gave me cramps, but no labor =( well, maybe I will go to sleep and when I wake up, I will be in labor! Maybe it's wishful thinking, but I'm so ready for her to make her big appearance!


mometobe - July 21

this is my first time being pregnant, and I have had the same thing. Tuesday night we went for a long walk when I got home I started contracting than I fell asleep and woke up the next morning to none. It is very frustrating same thing with Weds. night. So Thursday night we went 4x4ing down a really bumpy trail it is now Friday afternoon and I have been having contractions on and off since. Some strong others weak. I am 40 weeks pregnant and the doc says that if I don't go into labour by Monday he is going to induce me so I am trying everything I can to bring it on before he gets ahold of me. The bumpy ride seemed to of worked but it is a long process. When the doc checked me on Tuesday he said that I was a centimeter dialated. I am wondering if all these contractions have dialated me more. I will know for sure though if the contractions are steady and closer together cause I will go in and get checked I am so curiouse. He he he. Well I will let you know when I find out more.


Vashti - July 22

When labour starts and then seems to stop, I would imagine that it's your body's way of a__sisting the baby to turn, preparing yourself for labour or creating a more comfortable environment for your babies last days inside. Contractions don't hurt the baby, they ma__sage and gently guide him or her. Patience is so difficult right now, I know..I'm 39 & 2 days and I've had "labour" start and stop a couple of times now too. I'm tired, and ready for the baby to be born, but during one of those rough bouts of contractions/labour my baby turned from a transferse lie to vertex! Our bodies know just what they are doing. Women have been giving birth alone in rice patty fields for centuries, and their bodies do what is necessary to prepare the baby and uterus for birthing. I pray that none of you have much longer to wait, and that your bodies know just what to do that is best for you and your little babies.


BabyGirl05 - July 22

i know how you feel...this is my first time being pregnant, i am 37wks today and I have had the same thing for the last few days except that they didnt hurt to bad and when it felt like i was having a contraction i would get a sharp pain kinda like the baby was shoving his hands through my cervix and trying to pull it open... When i went to my 36wk appt. last week my ob said that i was not dilated at all... so i dont know if those pains are normal or not


Revel - July 24

im 39 weeks adn 5 days im due on wensday....well this past friday i went into labor or so i thought they started out 5 mins apart! then got to 2 mins apart i went to the hospital and they said i wasnt dialating and the baby wasnt dropping so i had to go back home i was in so much pain i thought i was seriously going to die. but it lasted for over 15 hours then just died and went away! nothing and its been like 3 or 4 days since :( was a cruel tease lol i was so ready to have the baby x.x


nellie0317 - July 25

i didnt have the contractions with my daughter I just had the back labor. I was dilated to a 4, they broke my water my contractions started and I had her 2 1/2 hrs later. That was my third baby.


mometobe - July 27

well my baby girl was born on the 23rd and she is a cutie. 36 hours of hard labour but she is worth every second. Got the epidural about an hour before she finally arrived. Pretty well just for the pushing part.


nellie0317 - July 28

Congratulations on your baby girl. I'm 35 weeks been on bed rest for a couple weeks now and dilated to a 3. The doc thinks in about a week. But like you said once they are in your arms its all worth it.



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