The End Of Week 40 And Terified

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Hagit - November 11

I am 40 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. 1 cm dilated, soft cervix but barley effaced at this point. And very scared… 1st child was born at week 37 with Pitocin after water broke. Weight was 6”12”. He came out after 2 hours of terrible pushings with forceps. My current doctor estimate current baby’s weight to be close to 8 lb, and claims that most likely I will end up having a C-section which I really want to avoid. Do I still have a chance for a non-traumatic-va___al delivery? Can episiotomy help? I would love to hear your stories and get your advice. Thanks so much.


MN - November 11

Eight pounds is good size, but isn't huge at all. You can easily have a v____al delivery, unless something else happens. This time things might be easier, it is for many, even when the second is bigger. I would not be cut, it heals slower and is more painful than a tear. If there isn't anything you're leaving out, I think you'll be fine, really.


HH - November 11

Why did the doctor say you will most likely have a c-section?!


Jodie - November 11

My first was 8lb and i had a long labour with 1.5 hours of pushing, my second was 9lb 11oz and i had a very quick labour with only 33 minutes of pushing. Second labours are usually easier than first


Hagit - November 11

To HH - Because she says my 1st delivery was traumatic with a relativly small baby, and now it suppose to weigh more. In addition I'm only 1 cm dilating at this point and with 0 effacement.


klm - November 11

I thought that the effacement was the cervix softening...


Hagit - November 11

To KLM - My doctor says it's more the cervix shortenning....Anybody knows what it actually means?


To Hagit - November 11

Effacement is the cervix thinning out and dilation is the cervix opening. You are worring too much, really hun. Many people start labor with little to no cervical changes and at "close to eight pounds", the baby isn't oversize or anything. First babies are often harder, that's normal not abnormal.


To Hagit Again - November 11

And I'm speaking from experience, I've been almost exactly where you are, only my following babies were nearly ten pounds.


Hagit - November 11

Thank for your support! It's just the doctor that put me under all that stress and the fact that I'm at week 40 and NOTHING is going on yet...


Amy - November 11

Effacement and dilation are meant to happen durning labor, not before it. That's what most of labor is. It's just that many second timers do early. You are too. Congrats.


To Hagit - November 11

I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Labor is never easy, but I believe you can and will do great. Hugs.


Lesley - November 12

hagit, my 1st labour was 16 and a half hours long with 1 and a half hours pushing, baby born 8lb 3oz. My 2nd labout was 42 mins long with 25-30 mins of pushing baby 9lb, and my 3rd labour was 2 and a half hours with 9 mins of pushing and baby born 9lb 2oz. Noone can tell you what is going to happen during labour untill it starts. It is normal for you to be scared but please try and emember, no matter what the pain is like you get your baby at the end of it all. My 3rd labour was very easy. It was still painfull but I concentrated on breathing and pushed when I was told to and he was out with 5 pushes. I had all mine with no st_tches, tears or nothing. Ignor what your doctor said and try and relax :-)


charlotte - November 14

Hagit,have you had the baby?Listen,if you did/do have to have a c-section don't worry,read other posts on this,you will see it is not a bad experience at all,given the choice I'd opt for one again any day.



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