The Thought Of Going Into Labour

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Lisa - October 25

scares the shit out of me. I am so afraid I'm going to vomit from the pain and the epi. I don't want to see anything happening down there at all... I think if I do that will make me puke. This probably sounds really stupid to some of you, but it's true for me. Is anyone else scared to death of labour?


K - October 25

Oh my god!! I am so freaking scared of going into labor and getting the epidural and just everything that goes with it. I have heard that you sometimes poop and I def do not want to do that. It seems so embarrasing, but then again I guess they see it everyday. I just get so scared. I am 34 weeks so I only have about 6 more everyday it scared me even more. But we will be fine, obviously we are not alone. Good Luck!


Alissa - October 25

Im scared that i wont know what real labor is and will just stay home and not do anything abou it. My husband says that im not in labor yet because my contractions are not makin me cry but they hurt so bad. So im just scared that i wont know im in labor when i am


lisa - October 26

dont be scared, our bodies are made for it, plus when you get to 40 weeks you will be so fed up you will be begging for the pain to get the baby out, im 40+4 days first time mum going to have my baby at a birth centre where there is no epidural, just water birth gas air and another drug, relaxation is the key.


charlotte. - October 26

hey lisa,if you are really that scared,then read the cesarean section threads.I know of others,including me who prefer a cesarean.Marcie had one of each and had a terrible time with a natural birth,she had an elective cesarean next time.I also have had cesareans,for me its so much more dignified,youn are not screaming about in pain,there is pain afterwards in recovery,but it is manageable pain...just a thought.


luianna - October 26

I am also scared. Im scared of puking up, im scared of being sick and not getting to a bowl or toilet in time.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 26

Trust me, when you actually go into labor, you will know. And all those things like puking or pooping etc, you will not think of or care about when it all comes down to it. My son is 2 mos old, first baby and I gave birth with no drugs. When you are concentrating on contractions and breathing, everything else disappears. ow I wonder what I was so nervous about. Our bodies are made to do this, and the docs and nurses see it all every day. It is incredible pain but will go away as soon as that little angel comes out. Now the pain and aching and bleeding afterwards leaves little to be desired, but all worth it!


Erin - October 26

Don't stress. I am preggers w/ twins now but have a 16 mos. old. I agree w/ the consensus...your body is made for this and the hospital staff has seen it all. By the time you reach 40 wks., you will be rdy to go and endure all that comes w/ labor. It is part of the experience and although the pain for me was unlike anything I ever experienced, you manage and when your child is born, you forget it all. The best advice is to implore methods that will ease the process. My hubby and I had taken childbirth cla__ses and he truly a__sumed a role I had never seen him play when the time came. He wiped my brow, held my hand, consoled me, fed me ice, rea__sured me, cheered me on and everything. He was right there the entire time. I actually went in w/ the intentions on not getting the epidural but the pain was so great that not only did I welcome the other drug they give you when you are like 2-3 cm but also the epidural although it didn't seem to ease the pain. When it came time to push, I was so ready cause the head was right there so I wanted to do nothing else but. Your body will tell you when you're ready. I had a great OB who gave great direction so I didn't tear or need an episiotomy. I think I pushed all of 10 min. and my daughter was out and it was the most awesome, beautiful, overwhelming experience ever. I never even questioned the pain being worth it. Afterwards, I felt great. As easy as mine went minus the pain which is indeed significant, I am deathly afraid of c-sections unlike the other woman who suggested. Be careful, a c-section is not necessarily an easy way out b/c there are things that come w/ that not to mention a lengthier recovery time. But don't me, you can do it. You and your body will take on a form and you will realize capabilities you never knew you had. It is kinda like an out-of-body experience particularly if this is your first. And to speak to all those disgusting things that can happen, I didn't poop or embarra__s myself in any other way. I did vomit a bit but the bowl was right there but trust me, any shyness or bashfulness you have will be easily forgotten b/c once in the midst of labor, all modesty goes out the window. You will look back and wonder why you expended so much energy freaking out.


Erin - October 26

BTW, I never screamed or shouted. I never even got angry or snappy. It was all part of how I managed the pain b/c if you get all worked up, it only makes it worse. Don't a__sume everyone's bad story will be your own. I found it easier to talk a little above a whisper and everytime the nurses and staff came in to tend to me, I said please and thank you realizing they are much nicer and cordial when you extend them the same. They are only there to help. Now granted it is not easy but it is doable. If you go in w/ preconceived notions and such, you are setting yourself up for a not-so-great experience. Take it as you do your pregnancy and just allow yourself to experience it and all that comes w/ it. You have nothing to compare it anyway and believe me ignorance is bliss b/c if you knew what you were in for...truly, you would've never become pregnant in the first place.


marcie. - October 27

Lisa,I had one of each,1st natural.Like the post said,you never know what you have let yourself in for.I thought I'd be ok,and intended on having an epi,also thought if these mothers could do it yrs ago,then its ok.My God what a shock,my body was not my own,I felt like it was taking over,I just felt the pain,the drugs made me feel ill,I felt alone,and swore I'd never forget this pain.It was intense,and so painful.It did not end afterwards as people told me,I was sore etc.I said if there was a next time I'll have a cesarean,it was agreed.My the difference,I had the date,relaxed into the hospital,obviously anxious,the people in theatre tried to make me feel at ease,putting on my music,not that I heard any really.It really was brilliant,awake and pain free when the baby entered this world.The recovery was not that bad,the pain meds really helped,and the nurses helped which after you just had a baby is not a bad thing.I felt a little sore,and just took it easy.But for me there was no compara__sion,and I've had both.If you had to have an operation you would without question,and I looked at it that way,times have moved on,surgeons do so much nowadays,and a c-section is pretty commen these days. Just my own experience.


Gina - October 27

Hey ladies, just wanted to add something here. Although all the concerns voiced here about voiding, defecating or vomiting are very understandable, just wanted to let you know as a former nurse and a med student now, that all the health professionals working with you in this will have seen much much worse, on a regular basis. It really does get so that they don't even really notice it, and certainly don't think it gross or unusual. Thought you might like to hear it from that perspective :) Good luck all.


Lisa - October 27

Thanks everyone...I'm going to go v____ally, I don't want another scar unless I have too. I know I'm not the first one to go through this, but it does scare me..alot. I am so happy to be pregnant and I can't wait to hold my little girls in my arms and to kiss her. I just wish I could skip all the other stuff!


marcie - October 28

good for you to go with what you decide,its your choice.As I told you,I would never want another natural birth,you said about not wanting another scar,with mine it really is hard to notice it.Its not as if its on a hand for example where the sun would make it stick out.Good luck to you,and tell us how it goes.


Lisa - To Marcie - October 28

Marcie, to tell you the truth I have to skip post as soon as they go to the "exruciating" part of it and give detailed descriptions...I would rather go into this ignorant of the pain. I remember watching a birth in high school during health cla__s and it almost made me sick. I can't stomach it... I can take lots of other pain but when it comes to pushing out a tiny person I tend to get a little nervous.


jane - November 12

this is my 3rd baby my first was prem weighing 2lb 1oz then my second was 7lb 4oz i had a terrible time and the midwife was horrible she gave me a really bad experience i was pushing for a little over an hour before she called docs in to help me she was awfull ive got 4 weeks left and starting to panick really bad


Melissa - November 14

I was there for my best friends delivery. She did have a very small bowel movement while pushing. the doctor didn't make a face or say a word about it. He simply wiped it away very quickly, like it was no big deal, which to them, it isnt so don't worry.


Micheline - November 15

I was sick, I couldnt control the labour pains, and once I got the epi. which isnt as painful or awful as people say, I puked. and I puked on my mom ... not my husband... ahhaha ooopps while I was delivering my daughter. But, one thing I will tell you and am glad I did and cant wait to do it again when I have my next child, is that I watched the whole thing in a mirror. It isnt as bad as it seems. It give you more energy if anything to push more and harder because you want that baby out of there. We dont have a video camera but for the next I will make sure we do because its the most wonderful thing in the world.



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