They Wanted To Fill Me With Morpheine

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mum2be - October 6

for the last 5 days i have had constant lower back pain, at times getting very severe. i also had vomitting for the first 2 days as well as blood in my urine. i went to the hospital where they did a uti test and kidney stone test but all came back clear. i came home with the severe back pain still there as they just wanted to keep pumping morpheine into me. now it feels as though my little on is pushing down-trying to escape i also have diarrhea. i am 35 weeks please help me. what is going on?


mum2be - October 6

Sorry me again the doctor also said that junior was in the breech position and this may have been causing the pain, but what about the other symptoms, it doesn't make any senseto me!


LDSXena - October 9

It sounds like the baby is facing out so the back of his head is pressing against your spine. Try doing old horse/angry cat. Get on your hands and knees and let all of the muscles through your back and stomach relax so you are sway back like an old horse. Hold that for 10 seconds. Next arch your back as high as you can go like a hissing cat. Hold that for 10 seconds. Repeat the cycle for 5 minutes every hour or two and see if you can't get your baby to face your spine which will ease your back pain. Hope this helps!!


HI - October 9

Did they do a blood test and check your white blood cells I had all the same systems except the blood in my urine, they thought it may be kidney stones and sent me home with pain pills, i went back the next day and they finally took a blood test and it was my appendix at 301/2 weeks had to have it removed right then. Good luck and I hope you feel better


mum2be - October 9

Thank you I will try those back excercises today. No they didn't check my white blood cells but I have another appointment today so I will mention this to my Doctor. My stomach has become as hard as a rock now too and I'm having menstrual like pains. Would this have something to do with the way bub is lying? Thanks again. I will keep you posted on what happens at the doc's today.


LDSXena - October 13

Your stomach being hard as a rock could be the baby's position but it could also be some contractions. Menstral pains are unfortunately normal. I'm 38 weeks and I have them all day every day now. Do try the old horse/angry cat. It truly helps with back pain.



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