Thinning Your Cervix

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missycc4 - January 11

Hello, I wanted to know if anyone has used Borage seed oil to help thin there cerix out. I'm only 34 weeks do to my first due date. How many did you take a day and how long did it take for anything to change. I see my Dr. every two weeks now. In my other post I had my daughter at 36 weeks and she was 8lbs 15oz. I just wanted to know when I should start if my cervix isn't thinning now do to all the contraction and braxton hicks. Thank you for any advice.


Lala - January 11

do you mean you want your baby to come now?????


disneymommy79 - January 11

if you try to do anything you are putting your baby at risk. With your first your dates could have been off. I do know how your feeling but I wouldn't do anything until at least 36 weeks. I would ask for Doctor to check your babies weight before trying to do anything. :\


Tammy276 - January 12

I would wait until you are 36 weeks to do anything.. You do not want to do anything now, it is too early!! You want your baby to stay in there as long as possible!! I know it gets frustrating towards the end and we all just want it to be over with, but at least wait until 36 weeks.


missycc4 - January 12

No I don't want to have my baby now. I just wanted to know when I should start anything just in case nothing starts when I hit 36 weeks. I see my Dr. again on the 24th. I'm going to talk to her then. She won't check me unless I'm having 4 or more contraction in an hour because I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks. I was just asking in case I needed to help things along later in my pregnancy.


jldaniels - January 12

I'm wondering the same thing. I am 36 weeks and the doctor told me that I'm dialated 1 cent. but my cervix is still thick. Is there anything that you can use to thin the cervix. I used Blue Cohosh with my girls and it worked great but now I've read so much new evidence on the safety of that I don't want to use it. I've heard s____n helps but I can't even think of s_x now and my husband has this weird idea it will hurt the baby to have s_x right now so I don't even think I would get him to anyhow.


missycc4 - January 12

I heard that evening primrose capsule work just like borage seed oil cpsules, to thin your crevix but you have to start them a month be4 your due from another post I read. I think its because they are a herbal pill and they take longer to hit the system. Castrol oil but again that will only work if your body is ready, again from what I've read. Now with the blue cohosh I hear is fine its the black cohosh you want to stay away from do to bleeding.


disneymommy79 - January 12

i have tried everything and My cervix I has not changed in 3 weeks. I have been told to start doing things 2 weeks ago and nothing has happened. Today I have an app and am going to ask for them to strip the membranes. I have been having back labor since 21st of Dec. Good luck to you.


missycc4 - January 19

I had a ultrasound today and the baby looks Great. Dec 20 she was 2lbs 10oz now 4lbs 9oz cervix has thinned a little from a little over 5 to 4'6. Tech said the babies head is right there hitting the cervix and thats why I feels so much pain. I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. Can't wait to meet her


ervin1 - February 19

is 1.4 supposed to be your cervix size at 31 weeks



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