This Isnt A Labor But Maybe 1 Of You Can Help

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Anna - September 23

I had my baby 2 months ago and i made the mistake of putting her in bed with me and her daddy and now shes hooked. I dont ever get good sleep because i get so scared of rollin on top of her...and even though shes a lil baby she takes up so much room!!! But does anyone know of anything that can wing her away from sleeping with mommy and daddy. and the cry-it-out thing doesnt work...i tried it last night and she just puked everywhere!!!! I felt really bad so im not doing that anymore!!! so if ANYONE has any advise please help!!!!


Charlene - September 23

What about being in the room with her until she does fall asleep? I am aways away from dealing with this as I am only 16 weeks. A bit off topic, they say with new puppies, having the mother sleep with a towel and then put with puppy for rea__surance. Maybe something like that would work for baby too. Your smell could be rea__suring to her.


Ashlie - September 23

Anna, I had the same problem with my son, since I was b___st feeding it was easy to just have him in bed with us, try getting one of those teddy bears that plays the heartbeat like it would sound while they are in the womb, and leaving her be at night even if she is crying (as long as she isnt hungry or soiled) is perfectly fine, she most likely threw up because she cried so hard, and its hard to listen to your baby cry (trust me I would sit up at night crying listening to my son cry) but after awhile she will get used to her own bed it may take a couple of weeks but just keep one thing in mind, she will never remember you as a bad mom for making her sleep in her own bed when she was 2 months old. Hope this helps and when she gets old you might want to give her something of yours to have your smell on it, when I first started leaving my son over night with grandma & grandpa I would leave him my silk robe, he is now 2 and loves sleeping in his tot bed with just his blankie.


nelly - September 23

my daughter was the same way she is 2 months now and she would not sleep unless she was in the bed and I was touching her I had to sleep holding her hands in my hands for her to sleep and her daddy was in the floor now we have a ba__sinet and it has a couple of blankets folded in it and a soft flat pillow on top and she sleeps "Like a Baby" on it. She want sleep at night if shes not in it.


lou - September 24

get out of it right now or it will only get worse, the first week may be hard why not start off with you sitting by the cot holding hands then leave her for a few mins then come back, keep increasing the time away, you will have to endure some crying but you will only make it harder if you carry on, just like when she is big enough to scream for sweets in the shops, if you give in because of the screaming you will always have to buy sweets if you say no and stick to it, she would learn and not give you ha__stle.


anna - September 25

thanx ladies...but i found out what the problem was... see i always tried to put her into her bed with a lght on but 2 days ago addisons daddy had the lights off and put her to bed and she slept by herself far its working. see ive tried all these things...her sleeping with on of my shirts, the teddy bear, ba__sinet. but i do really appricate your advise


b - September 26

infant care section would have given you more results im sure


anna - October 4

thanx ladies well when she sleeps by herself she only sleeps for like 4 or 5 hours anyway to help her sleep all night


Jessie - October 5

As a mom who let both her babies co-sleep and can tell you that the only thing you can do without the crying is to lay with her in your bed untill she falls asleep and then move her to her crib. it will take a while before she will figure out that the crib is where she is supposed to sleep but trust me it workes, eventually my son started to want to sleep in there. I hope it works for you. I didn't know what to do with my daughter and now she is five and still likes to crawl in bed with us in the middle of the night.



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