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Wondering? - November 21

This is more wishful thinking than a question! Do labor patterns run in the family? Sounds strange i know but my mother had very quick painfree labours, 2 hrs with me and 3 hrs with my sister, do you think my labour could be the same as my mothers?


lurkingmama - November 21

I think maybe it is "hereditary" although it may just be mind frame. My mother and sisters all had fast labors...with my my water broke so I had to be induced ( at 36 weeks)...long and painful but with my was very fast and easy ( he came right on his due date). Doesn't excactly answer the questions...I think most people will say no...each and every pregnancy is different and so is every labor and delivery.


deb - November 22

Whatever the labour was the first time..the 2nd labour should be quicker as u have stretched from the first. Every labour is different, i had my 1st at 4 hrs and 30 mins..2nd was 4 hrs, 3rd was 1 hr and the last one was like 20mins...


deb - November 22

u got a different genes in your family meaning you and your partner, so your labout will be different to your mothers..


sian - November 23

my 1st labour i was induced and labour was 36hrs, 2nd time labour was 3 hrs, 3rd time labour was 2hrs mum has 5 kids and her labours were quick too.


lisa - November 23

minewas toally different, mum was early with us three (2-4 weeks), i was 2 wees late, hers easy, mine deathly hard but bth of us quick 3 hours


Steph - November 23

I tend to think that labor patterns may also be hereditary. My mother had three children, start to finish 3 hours, then 2 hours, and then two again. My daughter was 3.5 hours and I wonder if I'm going to go quicker with this baby....Hopefully, because a nice quick labor was really nice!


Michelle - November 23

I must have been the oddball in the family. My mom had half decent labours... one was only 45 minutes!! My sister had half decent ones 5 hours, but me.. nope, over 20 hours couldn't progress, so had a c-section. It is worth it all, and I would do it all over again!! Good Luck to all


Nikki - November 29

I am so different from my mother, and my labor was nothing like hers. Also, my periods are nothing like hers.


mel - December 1

I guess it all depends on how you go into labour ie ; natural or induction. and also how similar you are to your mother . - if you have the same cycles and length of periods , same amounts of pain and bloodloss etc. with each period than you are prob likely to have the same kind of labour - but in saying that - everyone is different - there are several factors which can contribute in labour - health , age, fitness , pain relief , natural or induction- ( i was induced with my first child and it was long and hard combined with the fact that i had to have to an epidural - which usually lengthens labour somewhat) - as much as you can try to keep or get resonably fit - it really does help - and also walking while you are in labour - speeds thing up !


Brandi - December 2

I don't think so. My doctors have always told me that every pregnancy is different for every mom. I can vouch for this. My mom was pre-eclamptic with me and had a ceserean section and had a routine repeated c-sec with my sister. My youngest sister was born v____ally (VBAC). My two pregnancies were very different also as were the deliveries. My son was extremely easy and born 11 days before my EDD, had an epidural and no pain at all. My daughter was 8 days overdue, I was sick the first 4 months all day every day and had to be induced with pitocin (sucked), then my epidural didn't work! However, it was a lot quicker than my first labor and I pushed my son out in 3 pushes (about 10 minutes), my daughter in about 15.


Liz - December 3

My mother had my brother (1st born) with only 4 hrs of labor. I just had my 1st child and I was also only in labor for 4 hrs. Who knows.


k - December 4

no - it does not run in your family, you dont seriously a__sume you got the same cervix as you mother or sister. it also depends how much hormone your brain can put out to cause labor and how weak or strong you cervix is. And by the way just think if you look a lot like your father you probably dont have much in common with your mother "hereditary" wise, and your dad does not have a cerix -so there. You cant compare your organs to others in the family.



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