Throwing Up While In Labor

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Joanne - December 18

How common is it to throw up while you are in labor? I am so scared of this.


ameigh - December 18

hmm.. i havent heard anyone tell me they threw up.... well during labour as in the "contraction" part.. yes... but i havent heard anyone say anything about when there pushing.. if thats what you mean? but you never know maybe some did... i just never heard it before.. so you shouldnt worry


Sick - December 19

when i was in labour i got a really strong contraction and threw up with it.


c - December 19

i just had my baby on friday 12-16, and i also had a few very strong contractions, one of which made me throw up also because the pain was so bad.


Liz - December 20

I threw up also. Some got on the floor and then my boyfriend held up a trash can for me. It defeniately wasn't the worst moment of labor.


Sara - December 20

I threw up once while in labor and a friend of mine threw up several times. It's not such a big deal though, the nurses are used to it.


Steph - December 20

I threw up as well. About an hour before I had my daughter.


Angela - December 20

Hi girls, with my son I was pushing so hard I almost threw up the nurse told me to throw up on the towel next to me but I didn't it was very embarra__sing and I have a feeling I will probably throw up with this one Yuck..


Heather - December 20

One of my friends got very sick from the epidural and actually threw up so hard, she only had to push for a few mins- the contacting muscles in her tummy when she was vomiting did most of the work. I don't like getting sick, but she said it made her labor a lot easier!! :)


Jen - December 20

I did right before pushing and durning pushing. It might have been from the pain medication.


Melanie - December 20

I HATE throwing up, too...and i was scared that i was going to. (i had my baby exactly 1 week ago). Sometimes the contractions and pushing are so intense and hard that you feel like you might have to throw up...but its not like a really 'sick' feeling. just a straining feeling in your stomach. but i never threw up so i was good! :) good luck!


Lisa - December 26

I know for a fact that I will definetely throw up while in labour... I can just see it happening.


Joanne - December 26

50/50 chance???lol:)


sharon - December 26

i threw up with both my deliveries. it's not pleasant at all, just one of those yucky and embara__sing side effects that goes along with having a baby


C - December 27

I vomited durning one of my three labors.


Dani - December 28

Yes, I threw up while in labor with my first 2 boys. I was induced with this last one and told them to give me a bowl beforehand because I will probably throw up. I did.



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